US Senate

US Senate Approves $52 Billion US Chips Act

One step closer? Senate approves $52 billion in US subsidies to encourage semiconductor manufacturing in the United States

2 months ago

Senate Committee Approves Big Tech Antitrust Bill

Attempt by US lawmakers to tame the power of big tech firms, nudges a step closer after Senate Committee votes…

4 months ago

Net Neutrality May Return, As Biden Seeks FCC Commissioner Confirmation

President Biden's attempt to get confirmation of final FCC commissioner faces opposition, as it will return regulator to democrat control

5 months ago

US Senators Propose Data Transparency Bill For Social Media

Bipartisan bill to require social networking firms such as Meta (Facebook) have to provide researchers with access to its data

6 months ago

FCC Urged To Address Spy Risk To US Telecom Networks

American senators have urged the US communications watchdog to address surveillance threats posed by foreign firms providing services to US…

7 months ago

Whistleblower Says Facebook Knows It Is Harming People

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to testify before US Senate, but has alleged the social network puts profits before clamping down…

8 months ago

Facebook Grilled By US Senators Over Harm To Children Research

Facebook's head of safety faces tough questions from US senators over WSJ reports on Instagram impact on teenage girls self…

8 months ago

US Senate Finds Systemic Cybersecurity Failures In Federal Agencies

Personal data of millions of Americans is at risk because of cybersecurity failures at multiple federal agencies, US Senate report…

10 months ago

US Senate Passes Bill To Counter China Tech Threat

US Senate passes $250bn US Innovation and Competition Act that seeks to counter global influence of Chinese technology, and encourage…

12 months ago

US Senate Proposes Limits On Tech Giants’ Immunity

Latest effort by US lawmakers to limit legal protections of online giants over misinformation takes on greater urgency after deadly…

1 year ago

Twitter, Facebook CEOs Face Senate Grilling

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey face four hours of questioning on Tuesday by US Senate members over content moderation and…

2 years ago

Big Tech CEOs Defend Section 230 Online Protection Law

Missing Mark...CEOs of both Google and Twitter defend law before Senate panel that exempts social networking firms from liability for…

2 years ago

Senate Panel To Subpoena Twitter, Facebook, Google CEOs

Subpoenas on the way after tech bosses refuse to appear on a voluntary basis before Senate panel on reform of…

2 years ago

Democrat Senators Demand Answers Over TSMC US Factory

Trump administration faces call from Democrat US senators to provide answers about undisclosed subsidies for TSMC factory in US

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Quizzed Over Sacked Worker

Letter to CEO over fired worker, who raised concerns about worker protection and cleanliness of local Amazon facility during pandemic

2 years ago

Coronavirus: US Senators Advised To Avoid Using Zoom – Report

US Senate reportedly becomes the latest organisation to advise members not to use Zoom, over privacy and security concerns

2 years ago

US Senators Urge UK To Reconsider Huawei Decision

Bipartisan group of US senators urge the United Kingdom to reconsider decision to allow Huawei limited access for 5G networks

2 years ago

US Bill To Clamp Down On End-To-End Encryption

US lawmakers intend to introduce bill in coming weeks that could clamp down on tech firms offering their users end-to-end…

2 years ago

US Senators Threaten Tech Firms With Encryption Regulation

Give law enforcement access to encryption or we will regulate the technology, US Senators threaten tech firms Facebook and Apple

2 years ago

Senators Question Pentagon’s Motive For JEDI Cloud Contract Delay

Democratic senators ask newly appointed defence secretary if 'outside' influence was behind JEDI suspension

3 years ago

Facebook To Face Senate Scrutiny Over Libra Digital Currency

Authorities react to Facebook's digital currency, as US Senate Banking Committee sets up to scrutinise it

3 years ago

Tech Firms Face Test On Their Algorithms For Bias

Computer algorithms and artificial intelligence systems will be required to show they are neutral on race, gender and other biases

3 years ago

US Senators Demand Probe Into ZTE Work On Venezuela ID Card

The Venezuelan 'homeland card' has been accused of being used as a tool for putting pressure on voters

3 years ago

US Senate Votes To Halt FCC’s Net Neutrality Decision

But will anyone care? Pointless vote will be defeated by the House of Representatives and the US President

4 years ago

Zuckerberg Resists Lawmaker Pressure For More Regulation

Mark faces first US Congress hearing, admits platform is in arms race with Russia over social network manipulation

4 years ago

Facebook Deletes Hundreds Of Russian Accounts, Says No To Global GDPR

Meanwhile it has emerged that Mark Zuckerberg will testify before US House Energy and Commerce Committee on 11 April

4 years ago

US Senators Quiz Vendors Over Russian Access To Voting Machines

Have the Russians sneaked a peak at the source code used in e-voting machines, ask US Senators

4 years ago

Senate Democrats Seek One More For Net Neutrality Vote

Democrats in Senate one vote away from overturning FCC's decision to reserve Net Neutrality rules

4 years ago

US Intelligence Bosses Warn Against Huawei Smartphones

Directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA urge consumers not to purchase Huawei smartphones or ZTE kit

4 years ago

US Senate Renews NSA Web Surveillance Program

'Carry on spying', US lawmakers say after the senate renews NSA warrantless internet surveillance program

4 years ago