US presidential elections

Tight Presidential Election Sees Facebook, Twitter Act On ‘Victory’ Posts

After both Donald Trump and Joe Biden claim victory, social networking giants Facebook and Twitter restrict posts claiming election victory

2 years ago

Facebook Apologises After Blocking Biden, Trump Ads

Joe Biden campaign team slams Facebook for blocking adverts in crucial week before US presidential election on 3 November

2 years ago

John McAfee Launches Second Presidential Bid

President McAfee? Bid to become president of the United States launched by colourful former security tycoon John McAfee

3 years ago

US Election Hack Warning From Cyber Security Experts

Experts warn the US election could be disrupted by hackers, and warn authorities to closely watch key US states

6 years ago

Rating The Security Of the 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Websites

Each presidential candidate has a campaign website, but which one is the best and which is the worst?

6 years ago