US government

US Senate Finds Systemic Cybersecurity Failures In Federal Agencies

Personal data of millions of Americans is at risk because of cybersecurity failures at multiple federal agencies, US Senate report…

10 months ago

SolarWinds: Dozens Of US Treasury Email Accounts Hacked

Scale of SolarWinds compromise continues to be revealed, as US Senator confirms dozens of email accounts at US Treasury were…

1 year ago

Microsoft Probed By US For Racial Discrimination

Redmond diversity plans to double the number of black and African American senior staff faces scrutiny from US government

2 years ago

US Mulls Controlling Stake In Ericsson, Nokia To Counter Huawei

US Attorney General William Barr suggests the US and its allies take 'controlling stakes' in Ericsson, Nokia as a counter…

2 years ago

US State Department Suffers Email System Breach

Slow roll-out of two factor authentication blamed after State Department admits email data breach

4 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Challenges US Government Security Ban

The DHS' September order prohibited Kaspersky Lab's products, including its popular antivirus, on civilian government networks

4 years ago

Trump Clarifies US Government Rules For Cyber Security Flaw Disclosures

New rules governing how US agencies disclose cyber security flaws, as the FCC readies net neutrality reversal

5 years ago

US Government Orders All Departments To Remove Kaspersky Products

But Kaspersky Lab says the allegations are 'completely unfounded' and 'no credible evidence has been presented' for the ban

5 years ago

US Congress Asks Agencies For Kaspersky Labs Documents

Fears over spying for Russia have prompted the probe which Kaspersky vehemently denies

5 years ago

Eugene Kaspersky Offers To Disclose Company Source Code To US Government

Kaspersky Lab CEO willing to work with US authorities dispel long-standing rumours about his ties to the Russian government

5 years ago

Trump Meets With Tech Titans To Plan Government Upgrades

Trump seeks advice from the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft as part of government digital transformation initiative

5 years ago

WikiLeaks Reveals CherryBlossom CIA Router Snooping Hacking Tools

CherryBlossom can monitor Internet traffic and inject malicious code into targeted routers

5 years ago

Trump Administration Orders US Government Work On Y2K Bug To Stop

Seventeen years later and US federal agencies can stop filing paperwork on the Millennium Bug

5 years ago

US Visa Applicants Face Stricter Vetting With Social Media And Employment Checks

Stricter visa vetting procedures get approval despite facing criticism

5 years ago

Eugene Kaspersky Rejects Russian Government Links, Champions Cybersecurity Skills

Eugene Kaspersky also sees AI as having a role in cyber security, though human level intelligence is a way off

5 years ago

Kaspersky Adamantly Denies Working With Russian Government

The cyber security firm rallies against US government allegations of potential spying

5 years ago

Consumers Face Privacy Blow As US Senate Overturns FCC Web Tracking Rules

Internet Service Providers are now free to do what they want with your web browsing history

5 years ago

GCHQ Denies ‘Ridiculous’ Trump Wiretapping Claims, Receives Formal US Apology

GCHQ described the claims as "nonsense" after Donald Trump tweeted that he had been under surveillance

5 years ago

US Military Suffers Massive Leak Of Confidential Air Force Data

The leaked military documents have been described as the "holy grail" for foreign spies

5 years ago

Tech Firms Face Uncertainty As US Suspends Premium Processing For H-1B Visas

The suspension could significantly impact tech companies who rely heavily on foreign skilled workers

5 years ago

Oracle Hit By ‘Politically Motivated’ US Government Job Discrimination Lawsuit

Oracle is accused of paying white, male workers more than their counterparts and favouring Asian workers for technical roles

5 years ago

Pentagon To Pay Microsoft $1bn For Tech Support

Nice Christmas bonus for someone. Microsoft reportedly being paid close to $1 billion for Windows 10 support

5 years ago

Code.Gov Repository For Open Source US Government Code Goes Live

US government decides to place all Federal source code on one website, calling it the 'people's code'

6 years ago

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple iCloud: 10 Big Data Breaches

Data breaches from hack attacks continue to get bigger and bolder but which of these do you remember?

6 years ago

Apple, Google And Amazon Support Microsoft With US Government Gag Order Fight

Tech and media compaines throw Microsoft their support of a gagging lawsuit fight with the US government

6 years ago

ICANN Submits Migration Plan Away From US Control

Independence move for ICANN after it submits official plan for global stewardship to the US government

6 years ago

Tech Giants Slam US Cybersecurity Bill

Tech firms voice opposition to US bill amid concerns about data privacy and ‘collateral damage’ to third parties

7 years ago

US Treasury Computer System Was Open To Hack

Shoddy government security? Vital intelligence system for US financial system was vulnerable to hackers

7 years ago

Google Secretly Gave WikiLeaks Data To US Government

Incident happened almost three years ago but gag order on Google kept the search giant silent

7 years ago

Chinese Hackers Hit US Government Dept – Report

All US government personnel records may have been compromised by Chinese hackers

8 years ago