US election

Facebook Lifts Ban On Political Advertising In US

Social network is to resume political, electoral and social issue adverts in the United States, after temp ban for November…

2 months ago

Facebook Bans Donald Trump ‘Indefinitely’ After Capitol Killings

With five dead including a police officer and talk of his immediate removal from office, Mark Zuckerberg extends Donald Trump's…

4 months ago

Twitter, Facebook Block Donald Trump After Four Die In Capitol Siege

President Trump suspended from both Twitter and Facebook for posts to 'supporters', after mob storm US Capitol building and people…

4 months ago

Twitter, Facebook Flags Trump Posts Ahead Of US Election

US President Donald Trump has had his posts on Monday about mail-in voting fraud flagged by both social networking platforms

6 months ago

Google To Block Political Ads After US Election Day

Google to ban political ads after polls close after 3 November US presidential election, as internet companies face pressure to…

7 months ago

Facebook Dismantles Russian Influence Operation After FBI Tip

Russian meddling in the United States has been detected again and dismantled, after Facebook receives tip off from the FBI

8 months ago

Facebook Begins Labelling Trump Posts, But Doesn’t Fact-Check Them

Social networking giant begins placing labels on political posts by US President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden

10 months ago

Putin: ‘Russian Patriots’, Not Government, Responsible For Foreign Election Cyber Attacks

Vladimir Putin goes on the defensive as fallout from US election continues

4 years ago

RSA Conference 2017 Gets Political Amidst Election Hack Fallout

ANALYSIS: A look at the strong political focus of day one of RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco

4 years ago

DHS Designates Election Machines, Systems As ‘Critical Infrastructure’

Individual states will still have oversight and control over their election systems, but the move makes a statement “domestically and…

4 years ago

Election Recount Unlikely To Reveal Evidence Of Vote System Hacking

ANALYSIS: Despite the suspicions a group of computer scientists, a recount of close presidential election tallies in three states won't…

4 years ago

US Election Hack Warning From Cyber Security Experts

Experts warn the US election could be disrupted by hackers, and warn authorities to closely watch key US states

4 years ago

Federal Agencies Working With States to Guard Voter Data Security

Federal authorities saying they are investigating attempts to breach voter registration data and responding to state requests for assistance in…

5 years ago

Social Media Analysis Shows Clinton Beat Trump In Presidential Debate

ANALYSIS: Analysis of sentiments expressed on social media showed how viewers' reactions tipped in favour of Hillary Clinton as debate…

5 years ago

Cold War Group to Probe Russian Hacks of U.S. Voter Databases

ANALYSIS: A little-known cold war group is assigned to investigate suspected hacks into Democratic National Committee and state voter registration…

5 years ago

Look Out World – John McAfee Wants To Run For President

Troubled former security tycoon says his ‘Cyber Party’ can offer protection from government ‘cyber-warfare’

6 years ago