US Election 2016

GCHQ Warns Political Parties Of Russian Cyber Threat To 2020 General Election

GCHQ warns that Russian tempering during US Presidential election is likely to happen again

5 years ago

Tech Quiz Of The Week: Trump And Technology

What do you know about the new US President Donald Trump and his relationship with technology?

6 years ago

Tech Giants Call For President Trump ‘Dialogue’ And Support For Encryption

Facebook, Amazon, Google and others call on the US president-elect to support encrypted communications, net neutrality

6 years ago

Old School Polling Methods Hid Trump’s Popularity With Voters

Traditional data sampling and analysis methods that worked well for decades suddenly failed during the Presidential election of 2016

6 years ago

Cyber-Politics Reached New Heights In 2016 Presidential Election

ANALYSIS: Never before have social media and even cyber-spying been used to such an enormous extent to shape voter sentiment

6 years ago

US Election Hack Warning From Cyber Security Experts

Experts warn the US election could be disrupted by hackers, and warn authorities to closely watch key US states

6 years ago

US Election 2016: Silicon Valley Mostly Picks Clinton Over Trump

Major tech firms are clearly on the side of Hillary Clinton with Trump failing to win much favour in Silicon…

6 years ago

DNC Email Scandal Shows What Must Be Done to Prevent Breaches, Leaks

ANALYSIS: Once again the Democratic Party has been seriously embarrassed by an email leak scandal. But without the leaks the…

6 years ago