Sonos Scraps Upgrade Scheme ‘Bricking’ Requirement

Sonos will no longer require existing users to permanently disable their speakers to take advantage of a 30 percent discount…

1 year ago

Sonos Angers Owners Again With Update Cancellation

Speaker maker Sonos angers its customer base yet again, by confirming it will halt software updates for older equipment from…

1 year ago

Microsoft Forces Upgrade As It ‘Retires’ Skype Classic

Skype classic holdouts are told to upgrade to version 8.0, as Skype 7.0 heads to the knackers yard

3 years ago

Microsoft Warns Of Windows 7 Security Dangers As Support Draws To A Close

Microsoft calls for action as Windows 7 support set to end in three years

4 years ago

Windows 10 Upgrade Tactics Slammed By Consumer Watchdog

Is Windows 10 a software upgrade villain? That is the suggestion from Which? as it urges Redmond to compensate users

5 years ago

Microsoft Backtracks Over ‘Sneaky’ Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

Criticism over “nasty” and “deceitful” trick as recommended Windows 10 update causes concern

5 years ago

Windows 10 NOT FREE To Enterprises, Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft confirms free Windows 10 upgrade is not available for large businesses, and it will be updated differently

6 years ago

Apple Readies Major Mac Refresh At WWDC

Apple will reportedly add Retina displays as part of its major refresh of the Mac portfolio next week

9 years ago

Twitter Upgrades To Load Tweets Five Times Faster

Code will be executed on Twitter servers, not in users' browsers

9 years ago

Asus Starts Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Asus UK hopes the Android 4.0 update will cure the reported bugs and improve the reputation of its troubled tablet

9 years ago

Gmail Chrome Offline Web App Has Settings And Shortcuts Upgraded

Google has spruced up its offline Gmail Chrome app with a settings page, shortcut support, and making it snappier overall

9 years ago

Google Updates Swiffy Flash-To-HTML5 Tool

Google extends the Swiffy Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool and releases new and updated tools in other areas

9 years ago

AMD And Nvidia Chips Upgrade Cray Supercomputer

Cray's Jaguar supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab will run faster with AMD Opterons and Nvidia GPUs

10 years ago

Adobe Releases Flash 11 And Air 3 Media Platforms

Flash 11 and Air 3 have been launched by Adobe to deliver rich user experiences across an array of devices

10 years ago

Apple’s Encryption Needs Care In OS X Lion Upgrade

Mac owners should decrypt files before upgrading to Lion because of changes in the encryption mechanism

10 years ago

PlayBook Upgrade Adds More Than In-App Payments

The 1.0.5 BlackBerry OS upgrade for RIM's PlayBook corrects some missing features and adds in-app payments

10 years ago

Multi-tasking Mango Update For Windows Phone 7

Later in 2011, Microsoft's WP7 "Mango" update will bring multitasking but new tools arrive in May

10 years ago

Microsoft Plans Windows Phone 7 Feature Upgrade

Features such as cut and paste will arrive for Windows Phone 7 in early 2011, according to a Microsoft executive

10 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S Gets Upgraded To Android 2.2

Samsung has begun rolling out the upgrade to Android 2.2, or Froyo, for its Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, Epic 4G,…

10 years ago

Major Upgrade As Yahoo Refreshes Its Services

Yahoo is investing heavily in updating its entire platform, including redesigning its home page, strengthening the overall site engine, and…

11 years ago