unlimited data

Google Photos To End Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unpopular move. No more unlimited free photo storage from June 2021 Google announces, ending years of free cloud storage for…

1 year ago

‘Up To’ Broadband Advertising Guidelines Come Into Force

The CAP guidelines look to stop ISPs and mobile vendors making outrageous claims in their ads

10 years ago

Networks Warned Over “Unlimited” Mobile Data Offers

Mobile networks in the UK have been told to tell customers about fair usage policies on "unlimited" data packages

10 years ago

ASA To Investigate Phony ISP Claims

Time is up for claims like 'up to' and 'unlimited', says advertising watchdog

11 years ago

O2 Dumps Unlimited Data Bundles

Mobile operator O2 is scrapping its unlimited data plans, in the face of traffic overload from bandwidth-hungry smartphones

12 years ago