United Nations Covered Up Hack – Report

Hack compromised 20 admin accounts and malware was implanted on 40 servers, but the UN opted to cover up the…

2 years ago

WD, UN Use Big Data Competition To Fight Climate Change

Data for Climate Action is an open innovation challenge to use data science and big data from the private sector…

5 years ago

UN Human Rights Commissioner Supports Apple Against FBI

If the FBI were successful it could unlock 'a Pandora's Box', according to Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein

6 years ago

US And UK Refuse To Sign UN Internet Treaty

ITU meeting fails, as countries reject UN Internet treaty

10 years ago

Google Raises Alarm On ITU Internet Treaty Discussions

Tech giant worried governments will ruin the Internet

10 years ago

UN Report Calls For More Surveillance To Combat Internet Terrorism

UN says terrorists recruit and finance operations through the Internet

10 years ago

UN Creates Working Group On Broadband And Gender

Actress Geena Davis asks the UN Broadband Commission for backing, and gets it

10 years ago

The US Doesn’t Want The Internet Controlled By The UN

The US will oppose any change to international regulations that could transfer control of the Internet

10 years ago

ITU Demands Re-Usable IT Kit

Recycling and reusing IT equipment will help save the environment, says the ITU

10 years ago

Father Of Internet Says Web Access Is Not A Human Right

Vint Cerf argues that technology is an enabler of rights, not a right itself

11 years ago

UN Calls For More ICT To Fight Climate Change

The UN's technology body has highlighted how Ghana is mitigating global warming effects through ICT

11 years ago

Teampoison Owns UN Server, Again

A Teampoison hacktivist claims to have current live access to a server the UN says is offline

11 years ago

UN Was ‘Not Compromised’ In TeamPoison Hack

UN Development Programme says no sensitive information was lost as Teampoison published its emails

11 years ago

Climategate Row Erupts Again As New Emails Leak

More hacked emails from the UEA's Climatic Research Unit could destabilise UN climate summit

11 years ago

ITU To Highlight Green Role Of ICTs At COP17

The International Telecommunication Union will back IT's green credentials at the UN's next climate conference

11 years ago

US Funds Bypass For Government Web Censorship

The US is pushing ahead with its plans to override other governments that control access to the Internet

11 years ago

UN Supports WikiLeaks’ Right To Publish

A UN statement argues the human right to publish in the public interest, but restraint should be exercised

12 years ago

UN Says New IT Infrastructure Key To Recovery

Investment in next-generation networks and other IT infrastructure will have benefits for the whole economy, according to a UN report

13 years ago