New Challenges, New Skills

Soft skills still top of the requirement list for tech employers, according to data from online career and hiring marketplace…

2 years ago

Microsoft Committed To Metro User Interface

Microsoft is to stick with its Metro user interface for the foreseeable future according to a number of reports

10 years ago

Windows 8 Improves Support For Multiple Monitors

Microsoft is to make it much easier to use multiple monitors in Windows 8, in order to aid productivity

10 years ago

Windows Phone 7 Critics Should Take Time to Actually Use It

The vast majority of Windows Phone 7 critics have never seen a Windows Phone 7, let alone used one. Maybe…

11 years ago

Future Business Apps Could Use Kinect UI

Natural user interfaces derived from Kinect will boost productivity, says Microsoft Research

11 years ago

Ofcom Wants 2G Spectrum Open To Mobile Broadband

Ofcom has begun a consultation process over opening up the 2G radio spectrum for 3G services

12 years ago

Symbian Supporters Rally After Gartner ‘Titanic’ Jibe

Fans of Symbian rushed to defend it, after a Gartner analyst said the Nokia-dominated mobile OS is doomed

12 years ago