Google Adds USB-C Model For Titan Security Key

Google is releasing a new USB-C Titan security key to expand the use of two-factor authentication (2FA)

10 months ago

Security Breach Hits RSA’s Secret SecurID Information

An Advanced Persistent Threat attack on RSA Security has stolen its SecurID two-factor authentication data

9 years ago

Bank SMS Passcodes Intercepted By Zeus Variant

The Mitmo Zeus Trojan has infected phones to intercept login SMS credentials and access bank accounts

9 years ago

Nice Try Google, But Your Security Is Still A Chocolate Fireguard

Google’s move to add two-step authentication is laudable, but could lull users into a false sense of security, says Eric…

9 years ago

Could Google Make Two-Factor Security The Norm?

Passwords are not enough, says Peter Judge - but maybe two-factor security on Google Apps will persuade users to get…

10 years ago

Google Brings Two-Factor Security To Apps

Google has responded to cloud security fears by increasing security on its Google Apps

10 years ago