two-factor authentication

Microsoft Looks Beyond Password Protection For Accounts

Future is 'passwordless' says Microsoft, as it gives users option to delete account passwords and login via authenticator app

2 months ago

Facebook To Allow Physical Security Keys Next Year

Users will be able to register third party hardware keys with Facebook mobile app in an effort to tighten account…

11 months ago

Amazon Ring Enables 2FA After Privacy Scares

Ring division adds an extra layer of security to its smart home devices after a number of unsettling cyber-security incidents

2 years ago

Apple Joins FIDO Alliance To Replace Passwords With Trusted Devices

Significant development? The FIDO Alliance that aims to remove the need for passwords, signs Apple as new board member

2 years ago

Google Allows iPhones To Be Used As 2FA Physical Security Key

Update to Google's Smart Lock app for iOS devices means that modern iPhones can be used as a physical security…

2 years ago

Google Adds USB-C Model For Titan Security Key

Google is releasing a new USB-C Titan security key to expand the use of two-factor authentication (2FA)

2 years ago

Twitter Admits To Using Emails, Phone Numbers, For Advertising

Sorry folks. Twitter admits to inadvertently using people's email and phone numbers provided for security purposes, for advertising

2 years ago

Google Offers UK Users Titan Security Key

Small security key connects via Bluetooth or USB, and is designed to bolster two-factor authentication efforts for consumers

2 years ago

Facebook Allows Two-Factor Authentication Phone Number Search

Another Facebook privacy worry as it emerges that platform links authentication phone number with user profile

3 years ago

Timehop Admits Data Theft Of 21 Million Users

Nostalgia app Timehop admits “unauthorised access” of the data of 21 million users held in the cloud

3 years ago

Biometrics Are Increasingly Favoured For Authentication

Fight to protect digital identity sees biometrics, two-factor authentication and password managers increasingly favoured

4 years ago

LastPass Can Now Store Two-Factor Authentication Keys In The Cloud

The company argues there's no additional security risk to doing so, as long as they have 2FA turned on for…

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Password

To some the password is the bane of modern day life, to others an absolute necessity to safeguard our digital…

5 years ago

eBay ‘Downgrading’ Some Users’ Two-Factor Authentication

eBay confirmed it is asking users of an authentication token to switch to 'convenient' text-message login

5 years ago

Facebook Introduces ‘Instant’ Two-Factor Authentication

The 'instant verification' feature allows users to log into services using their phone number without having to receive a text…

5 years ago

Researcher Breaches PayPal’s Two-Factor Authentication In Five Minutes

The surprisingly simple hack tricked PayPal into giving the researcher access to his own account

5 years ago

Instagram Adds Two-Factor Authentication For Extra Security

Your photos will now be secured as Instagram finally steps up user protection

6 years ago

Amazon Adds Two Factor Authentication For Online Shopping

Users can now opt for two-factor authentication to help protect themselves against fraud

6 years ago

Dropbox Bulks Up Chrome Security With USB Two Factor Authentication

Dropbox now supports USB U2F two factor authentication to protect users from phishing during the login process

6 years ago

Snapchat Steps Up Security With Two-Factor Authentication

More secure login process helps protect Snapchat user accounts

6 years ago

‘Skeleton Key’ Malware Discovered By Dell Researchers

Brand new "Skeleton Key" malware can bypass the authentication on Active Directory systems

7 years ago

Hacker Clones Fingerprint From Photograph

A hacker claims to have 'cloned' the fingerprint of a German politician using a humble photograph

7 years ago

How to use two factor authentication on your favourite websites and devices

A simple step-by-step guide for PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple

7 years ago

How The iPhone 6 Can Be Hacked With A Fake Fingerprint

The iPhone's in-built security has not evolved enough over the last year, according to one security expert.

7 years ago

Verizon Touts QR Code Login As Password Replacement

The end of passwords and usernames for authentication? Quite possibly, at least according to Verizon

7 years ago

Operation Emmental Targets Banks That Use Two-Factor Authentication

Cyber criminal gang devises a new, complex method of hijacking SMS to steal money

7 years ago

PayPal Forced To Issue Workaround For Broken Security Key

Security Key 2FA protection rendered almost completely useless

7 years ago

Microsoft Turns On Multifactor Authentication For Office 365

To minimise the risk of breaches, Microsoft turns on multifactor authentication for the user base of Office 365

8 years ago

IBM Provides Two-Factor Security For Mobile Transactions

IBM researchers have developed two-factor security - based on NFC technology - for mobile transactions

8 years ago

Twitter Boosts Two-Factor Authentication After Criticism

Twitter dumps SMS form of two-factor for significantly more secure method

8 years ago