TSB Suffers Another Online Banking Outage

Hundreds of customers of British bank TSB were reportedly unable to access their online banking and mobile apps services on…

2 years ago

TSB Owner Sabadell Signs IBM Deal After Botched Migration

Spain's Banco Sabadell sign $1 billion deal with IBM for it to manage the bank's IT and cloud systems for…

2 years ago

TSB Staff Fired Over Compensation Claims For IT Meltdown

Five TSB workers fired for allegedly gaming the compensation system set up after the bank's epic IT meltdown in early…

2 years ago

Data Centre Test Omission Blamed For TSB IT Fiasco

Report alleges former TSB CIO was aware of lack of testing at TSB data centres, as it and Spanish owner…

3 years ago

TSB Hires New Transformation Boss After Epic IT Failure

Poisoned chalice? Mark Curran “looking forward” to be responsible for IT restructuring at bank

3 years ago

TSB Boss Steps Down After IT Failure

The fall guy? Chief executive Paul Pester steps down after TSB owner's botched IT upgrade

4 years ago

Half Of TSB Customers Still Unable To Access Accounts

IT fiasco continues, as details of Spanish owner Sabadell's chaotic data migration process emerges

4 years ago

TSB Boss Calls In Experts From IBM

As boss admits the bank is 'on our knees' and calls in experts from IBM to sort out IT fiasco

4 years ago

TSB Banking ‘Back Online’, But Problems Continue

Days of chaos have resulted from a botched systems switchover at the weekend

4 years ago

TSB Boss Apologises For Online Banking Meltdown

IT upgrade chaos as data transfer of millions of customer records, results in customers locked out of their accounts

4 years ago

TSB Becomes First European Bank To Deploy Iris Scan Tech

No more passwords? Biometrics move as TSB readies iris recognition technology for its mobile banking app

5 years ago

Apple Pay Now Works With TSB And Tesco Bank In The UK

Customers of more UK banks can now use Apple Pay or their purchases

7 years ago

UK Company Gets £500,000 Government Grant To Develop Indoor Navigation Tech

RNF Digital Innovation is making a navigation system based on iBeacons which is likely to make its debut at Bestway…

8 years ago

UK Government Spends Another £1.6M On Hypercat Wireless Project

HyperCat wants to link together various connectivity standards for the Internet of Things

8 years ago

IC Tomorrow Wants To Remove Barriers For UK Startups

The Technology Strategy Board explains how IC tomorrow's government funded contests and networking events help UK startups get to market

8 years ago