Hacker Attempts To Poison US City Water Supply

Real world risk to people's health from hackers demonstrated, after cyber attack attempted to poison water supply for an entire…

2 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 59 Flaws

Nine critical flaws patched, and the good news is there no-zero-day flaws requiring system admin attention

3 years ago

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link, Comba Routers, Warns Trustwave

D-Link and Comba slated for poor response to discovery of multiple vulnerabilities found on their routers

3 years ago

Criminals Offer Windows Zero-Day For £66,000 In Bitcoin

Zero days are coming out of the shadows and are fast becoming a commodity for the criminal masses, warns Trustwave

6 years ago

Almost All Apps Have Flaws, Trustwave Study Finds

2016 Trustwave Global Security Report reveals shocking cybercrime trends

6 years ago

Casino Operator Sues IT Security Firm Over ‘Inadequate’ Breach Investigation

Affinity Gaming alleges Trustwave failed to detect the attack was ongoing during and after its investigation

7 years ago

No Glad Tidings In Microsoft’s Final Patch Tuesday Of 2015

Microsoft's last security update of the year includes 12 bulletins, eight of them rated as critical

7 years ago

More Than Half Of Passwords ‘Can Be Cracked In 24 Hours’

Trustwave Global Security Report shows shocking state of password security around the world

7 years ago

Hacking Is ‘One Of The Most Profitable Industries In The World’

Ransomware bullies can earn up to 1,425 percent return on their investment, Trustwave report reveals

7 years ago

Singtel Targets Cyber Security With Trustwave Purchase

Asian telecom operator pays over half a billion pounds for Trustwave

7 years ago

Sketchy Checkout: How PoS Malware Could Be Putting Your Card Data At Risk

Retailers beware, your PoS terminals could be opening you up to a world of malware, Trustwave tells TechWeekEurope

7 years ago

Ebola-Themed Malware Sweeping The Net

Security firm Tustwave warns users not to open email purporting to be from World Health Organisation

8 years ago

Businesses Should Get Ethical With Security

Organisations care way too much about money and not enough about ethics when it comes to people's security, says Tom…

8 years ago

Trustwave Gets Sued: Who Is Next?

Banks claim security firm Trustwave left US retailer Target open to credit card security breaches. Sean Michael Kerner thinks this…

8 years ago

Banks Sue Trustwave Over Target Breach

Banks claim security firm failed to identify weaknesses at the retailer

8 years ago

Black Hat 2013: Trustwave Releases Spear-Phishing Tool

Trustwave's researchers have built a tool designed to help improve security by mimicking highly targeted attacks

9 years ago

Retailers, Hotels Hit By Majority Of Cyber-Crime

Hotels, restaurants and shops accounted for 78 percent of the breaches analysed by security firm Trustwave in 2012

9 years ago

Trustwave Expands Product Portfolio With M86 Security Takeover

Trustwave will bolster web security offering to enter multi-billion pound market

10 years ago

Certificate Authorities Warned By Mozilla About Issuing MITM SSL Certs

Mozilla has drafted a letter warning certificate authorities not to issue eavesdropping "man-in-the-middle" certificates

10 years ago

Mozilla Asked To Revoke Trustwave Certificates For Allowing SSL Eavesdropping

Although Trustwave revoked a certificate allowing a company to eavesdrop on users, Mozilla's community wants the CA removed as a…

11 years ago