Facebook Bans Trump For Two Years

Facebook is to review its ban Donald Trump after two years due to Oversight Board criticism, as company revises its…

12 months ago

Twitter Changes Policy On Blocking ‘Hacked Materials’

Twitter will no longer block links to articles containing hacked materials, following criticism over treatment of controversial New York Post…

2 years ago

Huawei Row Overshadows Trump State Visit To Britain

The US president is expected to use a meeting with prime minister Theresa May to warn the UK to ban…

3 years ago

European Parliament Votes To Suspend Privacy Shield

The data-sharing agreement could be put on hold from 1 September if the Trump administration continues to delay compliance

4 years ago

Rogue Twitter Employee Takes Down Donald Trump’s Account

Customer service employee deactivates Trump's Twitter on last day on the job

5 years ago

Eight Officials Resign From US IT Security Advisory Council

The US administration isn't paying attention to the 'growing threats' faced by the US' critical systems, argue those who resigned

5 years ago

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns From Trump’s Advisory Council

Krzanich and two other US chief executives left the American Manufacturing Council over the administration's response to weekend's riots

5 years ago

Trump Creates Uncertainty For US Tech Workers But Brexit Means UK Unlikely To Benefit

Research shows US tech workers believe immigration stimulates innovation and some are considering leaving the US, but Brexit has made…

5 years ago

Trump To Rescind Obama-Era Visa Programme For Entrepreneurs

The Obama-era 'startup visa' is set to be scrapped, in a move criticised by US high-tech businesses and investors

5 years ago

Cyber-Security Executive Order Implementation Deadlines Near

ANALYSIS: Security experts chime in on the impact of President Trump's cyber-security executive order as the first set of deadlines…

5 years ago

Trump Vows To ‘Transform’ US Government IT

The presidential administration has invited dozens of tech executives to advise the American Technology Council at a June meeting

5 years ago

US Could Force UK Travellers To Hand Over Mobiles & Passwords

Travellers from the UK and other countries could be forced to provide mobile phone contacts and social media passwords and…

5 years ago

US Orders Social Media Checks For Some Visa Applicants

Embassies are ordered to carry out social media reviews for anyone who has been present in IS-controlled territories, with much…

5 years ago

Unsecured Apple, Android Smartphones Are Major Security Threats

ANALYSIS: Apple & Android smartphones that lack augmented security measures leave high-priority hacking targets, such as President Donald Trump, vulnerable

5 years ago

MWC 2017: New FCC Chair Says Net Neutrality ‘A Mistake’ And Won’t Bow To Trump Pressure

Ajit Pai promises to restore light touch regulation to aid the telecoms industry and will reverse net neutrality intervention

5 years ago

White House Withholds Cyber-Security Order For Further Revision

ANALYSIS: Trump withheld an executive order on cybersecurity, leaving the Washington IT community wondering what changes he intends to make

5 years ago

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Back Legal Challenge Against Trump Immigration Order

A cohort of tech firms said the order causes economic damage to the US

5 years ago

US Tech Firms Criticise Trump Immigration Ban

Silicon Valley firms acknowledged immigration curbs could affect their ability to do business

5 years ago

Trump Appoints Net Neutrality Opponent To Lead US Communications Regulator

US president Trump has appointed Ajit Pai, a vociferous opponent of Obama's net neutrality regulations, as FCC chairman

5 years ago

‘Russian Malware’ Hits US Electric Company As Tensions Rise

A Vermont electric utility found code connected with the alleged Russian hacking campaign on its network

5 years ago

US Election 2016: Silicon Valley Mostly Picks Clinton Over Trump

Major tech firms are clearly on the side of Hillary Clinton with Trump failing to win much favour in Silicon…

6 years ago