US Opens Tesla Investigation Over In-Car Computer Games

US safety regulators begin probe over complaint that drivers can actually play computer games on central touchscreen when driving

8 months ago

Does Latest iOS Update Kill Repaired iPhone 8 Screens?

Not again. Apple reportedly disables iPhone 8 touch ability if cracked screens are fixed by third parties

4 years ago

Apple Begins MicroLED Screen Development – Report

Watch out Samsung, Sharp etc, as Apple reportedly begins development of MicroLED screens in the US

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Origins Of The iPhone

The iPhone X celebrates ten years of the iPhone. Here is the story of the phone that changed everything

5 years ago

Dell Canvas 27 Inch Touchscreen Display Is Microsoft Surface Studio Alternative

CES 2017: The PC maker also revealed a brace of powerful workstations

6 years ago

Video: Intel Says Touch Will Transform Work

We'll all be pinching and swiping, says Intel's Stuart Dommett - and that's just the start of it

9 years ago

CES 2013: Early Warning For IT Managers

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show still acts as a valuable early warning system for IT managers, argues Wayne Rash

10 years ago

Samsung Adds To Series 7 Ultrabook Range

Samsung has revealed two additions to its Series 7 range as it prepares for the upcoming CES show

10 years ago

Acer: We Are Aggressive About Touch

Acer’s Jerry Kao talks to TechWeekEurope about the future of touchscreen

10 years ago

Intel Reveals More Haswell Details

The new touch ultrabooks will now recognize your face and track your hands

10 years ago

Samsung Shows Off New Series 5, 7 Touchscreen AiOs

Samsung's new Series 5 and Series 7 AiOs boast touch-screens that can understand five gestures from up to 3 feet…

10 years ago

Sharp Preps Shipment Of Apple iPhone 5 Screens

Sharp's president has revealed his company will begin shipping screens for the new iPhone this month

10 years ago

Motorola Looks To Business With Atrix HD Smartphone

Motorola has launched the Atrix HD handset that boasts a large 4.5-inch HD ColorBoost display

10 years ago

Bendy Glass Promises Wraparound Ultra-thin Phones

Corning has offered a glimpse of smartphones and tablets of the future with its bendable Willow Glass

10 years ago

Samsung Joins Corning To Produce Stronger OLED Glass

Samsung Mobile Display and Corning are toughening up screens for TVs and smartphones

11 years ago

Small Apple iPad Rumoured For 2012 Arrival

Apple will apparently purchase smaller screen panels for the iPad from a number of Asian suppliers

11 years ago

Microsoft Surface Table-Top Available On Pre-order

The Samsung SUR40 table-top computer can be touched for around $8,400

11 years ago

Scientists Probe Electronic Properties Of Graphene

Manchester scientists have revealed new properties of graphene, which is tipped for new electronic devices

11 years ago

Apple Wins Touchscreen Patent For Smartphones

Apple has won a highly significant patent for capacitive touchscreens in smartphones

11 years ago

Barnes and Noble Adds Touchscreen To Nook

A bookseller's new e-reader has received a tablet-like upgrade with the addition of a touchscreen

11 years ago

Quantum Tunnelling Touchscreens Touted For Tablets

Yorkshire-based Peratech can now make tablet-sized touchscreens like a quantum jam sandwich

11 years ago

HP Goes For “Cool” With Latest TouchScreen Desktops

HP has emphasised design, user experience and ergonomics to go with its existing under-the-hood power

12 years ago

Toshiba Unveils Dual Touchscreen Netbook

For users wanting a PC-based alternative to the Apple iPad, Toshiba has launched a laptop that features two touchscreens

12 years ago

Steep Rise Predicted For Touchscreen Mobile Devices

Touchscreen mobile devices are set to enjoy record growth this year, despite some evidence that not all users are entirely…

12 years ago