Google Adds USB-C Model For Titan Security Key

Google is releasing a new USB-C Titan security key to expand the use of two-factor authentication (2FA)

10 months ago

Google Offers UK Users Titan Security Key

Small security key connects via Bluetooth or USB, and is designed to bolster two-factor authentication efforts for consumers

1 year ago

Apple Employee Stole Driverless Car Data – Report

Trade secret theft. Self-driving car data allegedly stolen by Apple staff who then tried to flee to China

2 years ago

Google Titan Security Chip Looks To Protect GCP Data Centre Hardware

Titan Security chip is size of stud earring and is already installed on thousands of servers within Google data centres

3 years ago

Google Officially Ditches Project Titan Drone Broadband

Engineers scattered to other divisions as Titan doesn't make enough progress to continue

4 years ago

Facebook Looks To Drone Technology To Connect The World To The Web

Potential purchase of drone specialists Titan Aerospace will allow Facebook to further expand its Internet.org connectivity project

6 years ago

20 Petaflop Titan Supercomputer Is World’s Fastest: Gallery

A closer look at Titan, the world's fastest supercomputer

8 years ago

20 Petaflop Titan Supercomputer Set To Aid Scientific Research

World's fastest open-science supercomputer uses CPU-GPU combination to improve energy effiency

8 years ago

HTC To Launch China’s First Official Windows Phone

HTC 'Triumph' made available for pre-order at opening of Beijing flagship store

8 years ago

AMD And Nvidia Chips Upgrade Cray Supercomputer

Cray's Jaguar supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab will run faster with AMD Opterons and Nvidia GPUs

9 years ago