Tim Cook

Apple’s Tim Cook Defends Parler Suspension

Amid criticism of big tech 'censorship' of free speech, Tim Cook defends decision to suspend far right Parler app from…

3 months ago

News Publishers Push Apple For App Store Fee Clarification

We want the same! Apple facing calls from news publishers for clarification about how they can also gain the reduced…

8 months ago

Apple Becomes First US Company Valued At $2 Trillion

Wall Street has gained its first ever American company valued at a whopping $2 trillion, in the form of iPhone…

8 months ago

Tim Cook Now A Billionaire After Apple Share Surge

Welcome to the club. CEO Tim Cook now said to be a billionaire after almost a decade in charge of…

8 months ago

Tech Giants Accused Of Harming Competition By US Lawmakers

Google and Facebook singled out for alleged market power abuse, in some of the sharpest exchanges with US lawmakers on…

9 months ago

Tech Firm CEOs To Face US Congress Grilling

The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are to appear on Wednesday before a US Congress hearing on antitrust…

9 months ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Calls For Overhaul Of Global Tax System

Corporation tax needs global overhaul Cook says, as President Macron and President Trump declare truce in digital tax spat

1 year ago

Sir Jony Ive, iPhone Designer, To Leave Apple

The 'spiritual partner' of the late Steve Jobs, British designer of the iPhone Sir Jony Ive is to leave Apple

2 years ago

Apple To Scale Back Hiring After iPhone Slowdown – Report

Hiring spree at Apple to slow for certain divisions, warns Tim Cook, but there will be no hiring freeze

2 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Takes Aim At Rivals Over Data Privacy

Are you listening Mark? Tim Cook calls for federal privacy law and vows to protect users’ data and privacy

2 years ago

Super Micro To Test For Chinese Spy Chips

World's largest motherboard maker is to review its hardware to check reports on Chinese spy chips

2 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Demands Chinese Hack Story Retraction

Apple boss says Bloomberg's Businessweek should article about Chinese infiltration via spy chips

2 years ago

Apple OS To Block Facebook Web Tracking Tools

Blow for Zuckerberg as Apple says it will block Faceboook's web tracking tools in new Mac OS and iOS

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Origins Of The iPhone

The iPhone X celebrates ten years of the iPhone. Here is the story of the phone that changed everything

4 years ago

Apple Pledges $1bn Fund For US ‘Advanced Manufacturing’ Jobs

Trump will be happy. US job creation move by Apple after it plans to create $1bn fund for US firms

4 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Says AR Could Have The Same Tech Impact As Smartphones

The Cupertino CEO believes that augmented reality is for everyone

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: The Week In Review (10th February 2017)

NSA data leak, government reveals, and corporate purchases; what do you remember about the week in technology?

4 years ago

Tim Cook Issues Vote Of Confidence For Post-Brexit Britain

Apple CEO confirms the company's ongoing support for the UK in meeting with PM Theresa May

4 years ago

Apple iPhone 7 Popularity Boosts Revenues To £60bn

However, iPad and Mac sales are less than stellar

4 years ago

Apple Boss Tim Cook Set To Visit China

Apple CEO set to meet Chinese government officials amid concern over the company's Far East prospects, report claims

5 years ago

Steve Wozniak Criticises Apple For Becoming A ‘Jewellery’ Producer

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hits out at Watch device, but backs Tim Cook for FBI refusal

5 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook: FBI Request Would Create ‘Software Equivalent To Cancer’

Apple boss Tim Cook defends his company's stance in TV interview and refuses to create a "dangerous" piece of software

5 years ago

Apple Praised By Google, Damned By Rigby Family For FBI Refusal

Apple criticised for refusal to unlock terrorist phone, but its stance also receives widespread support from rivals

5 years ago

Tim Cook Gives Virtual Reality The Thumbs Up

Apple CEO drops further hints that the company will be working on “really cool” VR technology

5 years ago

Apple Appoints Jeff Williams As New COO

Former Apple Watch chief Jeff Williams promoted as Phil Schiller takes over App Store duties

5 years ago

Tim Cook – Beware The “Dire Consequences” Of Increased Surveillance

Apple CEO adds his backing to end-to-end encryption and calls for more public awareness

5 years ago

Tim Cook Says He Expects ‘Massive Changes’ In The Auto Industry

Hinting at the Apple Car coming soon?

5 years ago

Tim Cook: Apple’s Vision For Enterprise Mobility Will Transform Your Business

Tim Cook says businesses are behind consumers in harnessing true power of mobility, but his company and its partners are…

6 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook Slams Tech Rivals Over Privacy

Tim Cook criticised rivals over privacy and warns about government attempts to weaken encryption

6 years ago

Apple Pay Attracts 1m Subscribers In Just Three Days

Possible Alibaba partnership could help further reach of Apple Pay to Eastern markets

6 years ago