Thunderbolt Ports Vulnerable To Hackers

If a hacker gains physical access to your computer, the Thunderbolt port could be exploited to access the hard disc…

2 years ago

Speedy USB4 Specification Confirmed

Specs for next generation USB connections will deliver greater speeds and Thunderbolt compatibility

2 years ago

Intel Unveils 4K ‘Nirvana’ With Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Connector

Intel decides to adopt USB-C technology with new Thunderbolt cable

7 years ago

Radical 12-Core Apple Mac Pro Goes On Sale

The new Apple Mac Pro has gone on sale, boasting six Thunderbolt 2 ports and up to 12 processor cores

8 years ago

Intel To Move Along With Ultrabooks, Chips And Fabs

Intel says it is upping its investments in various technologies as it looks to push deeper into the mobile space

11 years ago

New Apple iMacs Feature Thunderbolt And Sandy Bridge

Apple has updated its iMac range to include Intel's Thunderbolt I/O and next-generation Intel chips

11 years ago

New Apple MacBook Pro Is More Than An Upgrade: Review

Intel's Thunderbolt and sparkling graphics make the new Macbook Pro more than just “this year’s model”

11 years ago

Apple First To Make Quick Shift To Intel Thunderbolt

Intel’s Thunderbolt will hit Apple’s new MacBook Pro devices first to bring fast video/audio transfers

11 years ago