CMA Begins Phase 2 Probe Of Vodafone Merger With Three UK

Deadline expired for Vodafone to allay CMA concerns over merger with Three UK. In-depth Phase 2 investigation begins

2 months ago

Vodafone Germany Confirms 2,000 Job Losses, Amid European Restructuring

More downsizing at Vodafone after German operation announces 2,000 jobs will be axed, as automation increases in the future

2 months ago

UK Gives Three, Vodafone Five Days To Avoid In-Depth Merger Probe

CMA concerned the merger would lead to a 'substantial lessening of competition' and result in higher prices for consumers

2 months ago

Vodafone Sells Italian Operation For €8 Billion

Last downsizing move? Vodafone sells off another European unit, namely its Italian operation to Swisscom for €8bn in cash

2 months ago

UK Mobile Network Choice ‘Fell By 25 Percent’ In Past Decade

UK has 25 percent fewer mobile networks to choose from than in 2014, with some of largest MVNOs shutting down…

3 months ago

UK CMA Opens Antitrust Investigation Of Vodafone, Three Merger

Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) begins Phase 1 investigation of Vodafone UK's merger with Three UK

4 months ago

Three Apologises After Outage Affects Tens Of Thousands

Three apologises after Friday outage affects tens of thousands of customers' calls and mobile internet services

6 months ago

EE, Vodafone, O2 Users Suffer Calling Routing Issue

Some customers on EE and Vodafone and even O2 continue to report issues, making and receiving calls between these networks

9 months ago

Mobile Roaming Charging Sees Ofcom Propose New Rules

After most UK mobile operators reinstated roaming charges for users in Europe, regulator proposes mandatory alerts

10 months ago

Vodafone, Three Merger: Industry Reaction

Merger to create the largest mobile operator in the UK draws reaction from industry experts and commentators

11 months ago

Vodafone, Three Merger To Create UK’s Biggest Mobile Operator

Vodafone UK will own 51 percent of combined entity with Three UK, as challenge to EE and Virgin Media O2…

11 months ago

Vodafone Appoints Finance Boss Margherita Della Valle As Group CEO

UK-based mobile giant Vodafone confirms interim CEO, Margherita Della Valle, is now permanent CEO of the group

1 year ago

Vodafone, Three Near Final Merger Agreement – Report

UK merger between Vodafone and Three could be announced this month, as both work to address potential antitrust issues

1 year ago

UK Extends Huawei 5G Removal Deadline

Removal of Hauwei 5G kit from network 'cores' extended from January 2023 to December 2023, after BT warning

2 years ago

Vodafone Confirms Merger Talks With Three UK

Potential merger between the UK's third and fourth largest mobile networks will likely face intense regulatory scrutiny

2 years ago

Vodafone In Merger Talks With Three UK – Report

Vodafone is reportedly in talks to merge its UK operations with Three UK, which is owned by Hong Kong-based CK…

2 years ago

O2, Virgin Will Not Introduce EU Roaming Charges

Travellers to EU seeking to avoid roaming charges in Europe are being targetted by O2 and Virgin Mobile, after EE,…

2 years ago

UK’s 2G, 3G Networks Switched Off By 2033, Government Says

2G and 3G mobile networks will be phased out by 2033 under government plan to help telecom suppliers deliver 5G…

2 years ago

Three UK Reinstates European Roaming Charges

Disappointing decision. Three UK becomes the latest British mobile operator to controversially rejoin the European roaming charge bandwagon

3 years ago

BT Targets Hull To Begin Removal Of Huawei Kit – Report

BT begins program to remove Huawei equipment from its 4G and 5G mobile network, with Hull in East Yorkshire being…

3 years ago

UK Operators Will Not Reinstate European Data Roaming Charges

The four main mobile operators in the UK confirm despite leaving the EU, they will not reinstate European data roaming…

3 years ago

Vodafone Says Upcoming 5G Auction Should Be Halted

Additional auction of 5G spectrum that was due in the Spring should not go ahead after Huawei removal decision, Vodafone…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: UK Removes Data Caps For Home Broadband

Netflix bingeing...main ISPs and operators in the UK agree to remove data caps on fixed-line broadband during the Coronavirus pandemic

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Outage Impacts O2, EE, Vodafone, Three

Mobile networks crash, causing outage for some customers of O2, Vodafone, EE and Three. But it is not down to…

4 years ago

Rural Not-Spot Deal Sees Operators Argue Over Costs

Rival mobile operators clash with BT-owned EE over costs to access its network masts, ahead of crunch meeting on Wednesday

4 years ago

Government, Operators Target Not-Spots With ‘Shared Rural Network’

No more rural not-spots, after the government and mobile operators pledge a £1 billion plan to create a 'Shared Rural…

5 years ago

Three Network Crash Causes ‘Intermittent’ Outages

Mobile operator Three has admitted it is experiencing “technical difficulties” in widespread outage

5 years ago

Mobile Operators Demand Government Decision On Huawei

Operators demand clarity from British government, and Huawei's security boss appears before MPs to deny any Chinese government involvement

5 years ago

Three Readies 5G Network For August Launch

Another 5G network set to arrive this year, as Three readies network for 25 cities and towns in the UK

5 years ago

Three Warns Huawei Ban Would Delay 5G Deployment

Three echoes Vodafone's concerns that Huawei ban would damage and delay deployment of 5G networks

5 years ago