Vodafone In Merger Talks With Three UK – Report

Vodafone is reportedly in talks to merge its UK operations with Three UK, which is owned by Hong Kong-based CK…

3 months ago

O2, Virgin Will Not Introduce EU Roaming Charges

Travellers to EU seeking to avoid roaming charges in Europe are being targetted by O2 and Virgin Mobile, after EE,…

7 months ago

UK’s 2G, 3G Networks Switched Off By 2033, Government Says

2G and 3G mobile networks will be phased out by 2033 under government plan to help telecom suppliers deliver 5G…

8 months ago

Three UK Reinstates European Roaming Charges

Disappointing decision. Three UK becomes the latest British mobile operator to controversially rejoin the European roaming charge bandwagon

11 months ago

BT Targets Hull To Begin Removal Of Huawei Kit – Report

BT begins program to remove Huawei equipment from its 4G and 5G mobile network, with Hull in East Yorkshire being…

1 year ago

UK Operators Will Not Reinstate European Data Roaming Charges

The four main mobile operators in the UK confirm despite leaving the EU, they will not reinstate European data roaming…

2 years ago

Vodafone Says Upcoming 5G Auction Should Be Halted

Additional auction of 5G spectrum that was due in the Spring should not go ahead after Huawei removal decision, Vodafone…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: UK Removes Data Caps For Home Broadband

Netflix bingeing...main ISPs and operators in the UK agree to remove data caps on fixed-line broadband during the Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Outage Impacts O2, EE, Vodafone, Three

Mobile networks crash, causing outage for some customers of O2, Vodafone, EE and Three. But it is not down to…

2 years ago

Rural Not-Spot Deal Sees Operators Argue Over Costs

Rival mobile operators clash with BT-owned EE over costs to access its network masts, ahead of crunch meeting on Wednesday

3 years ago

Government, Operators Target Not-Spots With ‘Shared Rural Network’

No more rural not-spots, after the government and mobile operators pledge a £1 billion plan to create a 'Shared Rural…

3 years ago

Three Network Crash Causes ‘Intermittent’ Outages

Mobile operator Three has admitted it is experiencing “technical difficulties” in widespread outage

3 years ago

Mobile Operators Demand Government Decision On Huawei

Operators demand clarity from British government, and Huawei's security boss appears before MPs to deny any Chinese government involvement

3 years ago

Three Readies 5G Network For August Launch

Another 5G network set to arrive this year, as Three readies network for 25 cities and towns in the UK

3 years ago

Three Warns Huawei Ban Would Delay 5G Deployment

Three echoes Vodafone's concerns that Huawei ban would damage and delay deployment of 5G networks

3 years ago

Vodafone Rated As Worst Mobile Operator In Which? Survey

But EE not much better, with smaller players achieving a higher rating according to annual customer satisfaction survey

4 years ago

British Operators Pay £1.4bn For 5G Spectrum

Big four dig deep to secure spectrum for 5G services, and O2 gains valuable 40Mhz block for 4G

4 years ago

Ofcom: 5G Auction Begins Next Week

After fighting off legal challenges from BT and Three, the regulator aims to sell off airwaves 'as quickly as possible',…

4 years ago

Vodafone, Three Face Ofcom ‘Throttling’ Investigation

The UK regulator has launched an inquiry into the 'traffic management practices' of Vodafone and Three amidst an ongoing debate…

4 years ago

Ofcom Announces Auction Bidders For 5G Spectrum

Six bidders for 5G spectrum auction officially approved by UK communications regulator

4 years ago

Can Crowdsourced Mobile Testing Lead To Better UK 4G Networks?

INTERVIEW: OpenSignal CEO Brendan Gill explains why its testing offers a more accurate view of UK 4G and where the…

5 years ago

TalkTalk And Vodafone Lead Ofcom Broadband & Mobile Complaints League

Volume of total telecoms complaints roughly unchanged as Ofcom seeks to improve service

5 years ago

Ofcom Presses Ahead With 4G & 5G Spectrum Auction Despite Three Legal Challenge

Ofcom says it is in the public interest to press ahead with auction of 4G and 5G spectrum as soon…

5 years ago

Ofcom Fends Off EE & Three 5G Spectrum Legal Challenges

Legal challenges by EE and Three to spectrum auction plans defeated by Ofcom in High Court, but Three will appeal

5 years ago

Three Is Silicon Readers’ Favourite Mobile Operator

Three's value added services see it crowned Silicon readers' favourite mobile network, ahead of EE, Vodafone and O2

5 years ago

Scottish Cities Ranked Best For Mobile Coverage

Rootmetrics data finds Scottish cities have some of the best mobile coverage in the UK

5 years ago

Poll: What Mobile Network Are You Using?

Mobile technology is only useful if you have the right connectivity. But which network do you rely on?

5 years ago

Three Fixes Mobile Roaming Fault Affecting France, Luxembourg And Portugal

UPDATE: Three fixes fault that left customers unable to make calls, send texts or access mobile data for more than…

5 years ago

Three Claims 91 Percent 4G Population Coverage As Customer Base Rises To 9.9m

Three revenues jump by ten percent as operator praises success of roaming and data offers for 4G customers

5 years ago

Rivals Close 4G Gap On EE As Operators Make Gains In Nations

EE still tops Rootmetrics' rankings but the best network might depend on whether you live in England, Scotland, Wales or…

5 years ago