1998 Vintage Cryptography Vulnerability Known As ROBOT Re-Emerges

The Cryptography vulnerability first detailed in 1998, still has the potential to impact modern websites

4 years ago

Malware ‘Crysis’: New Strain Combines Multiple Threats, Platforms

NEWS ANALYSIS: The latest release of Crysis malware combines ransomware with a data breach, and then spreads on its own

6 years ago

How To Maximise Data Protection In Today’s Threat Landscape

Peter Galvin, VP of strategy, Thales e-Security, offers a step by step guide on how security teams can ensure their…

6 years ago

UK Companies Failing To Educate Their Non-Technical Staff In IT Security

Receptionists and sales staff need training and protecting too, Intel Security report notes

7 years ago

Financial Firms ‘Take Up To Three Months’ To Detect Cybersecurity Threats

Retailers fare even worse, taking up to six months to identify threats, Arbor Networks survey finds

7 years ago

Malicious Android Porn Apps Get 1 Million Google Play Downloads

Regretting downloading “Porn Sexy Models Wallpaper” now?

9 years ago

Eugene Kaspersky: Free AV Vendors Are Cheats

Kaspersky CEO says free antivirus firms are taking the fruits of others' hard work without asking

10 years ago

Infosec: Hacking Of Big Business Hits Record Level

Successful cyber attacks on big companies hits an all-time high, as science minister David Willetts calls for greater awareness in…

10 years ago

Check Point Launches Crowdsourcing Threat Cloud

ThreatCloud looks to get users sharing information for the good of each other

10 years ago

Protecting Facebook Users Makes Good Websense

It's great to see Facebook shelling out on Websense security to protect its users - but who will protect us…

10 years ago

McAfee: Android Is Main Mobile Malware Target

Malware developers focus on Android devices more than any other mobile platform, says McAfee report

10 years ago

Attacks Usually Detected By ‘Gut Feel’, Expert Warns

The usual anti-virus, firewalls and IDS tools are being increasingly bypassed, a security expert warns

10 years ago

IT Managers Struggle To Tackle Emerging Threats

IT security is a high priority but staff struggle with emerging threats from social networking, mobiles and the cloud

11 years ago

Dramatic Increase In Malicious Websites, Reports Websense

Widespread abuse of search engine optimisation has fostered a growth in malicious sites this year

11 years ago

Home Secretary Calls Cyber Warfare A ‘Growing Threat’

Theresa May has underscored the importance of cyber-threats ahead of the unveiling of a new national security strategy

11 years ago