Tesla Factories In Texas, Germany Losing Billions Of Dollars, Says Elon Musk

Car factories for Tesla in Austin, Texas and Germany are “gigantic money furnaces right now” and losing billions, says Elon…

4 days ago

Texas AG Investigates Twitter For ‘Deceptive Practices’ Over Bots

Republican attorney general of Texas starts investigation of Twitter, after Elon Musk's public complaints about bots and fake accounts

3 weeks ago

US Supreme Court Blocks Controversial Texas Social Media Law

Content moderation victory? Tech industry celebrates as US Supreme Court blocks controversial Texas social media law from taking effect

4 weeks ago

Texas Social Media Law Battle Heads To Supreme Court

Battle between Texas and social networking giants reaches US Supreme Court, and it could decide future of online content moderation…

1 month ago

Texas Social Media Law Restored By US Appeals Court

Social networking firms can be sued by Texas officials or local residents over moderation decisions, after Appeals Court restores local…

1 month ago

Alphabet’s Wing To Begin Drone Delivery Service In US

After months of testing, Alphabet's Wing division will this week begin a commercial drone delivery service in the Dallas-Fort Worth…

3 months ago

Texas AG Sues Meta For Biometric Data Collection

Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Facebook parent Meta, alleging it captured and used biometric data of millions of Texans

4 months ago

Google Asks Judge To Dismiss Most Of Texas Antitrust Case

Google asks federal judge to dismiss most counts of antitrust case filed by Texas and other states, saying case presents…

5 months ago

Samsung To Build $17bn Chip Factory In Texas, Amid Global Shortage

Samsung is to make its largest ever investment in the United States, in order to construct a brand new chip…

7 months ago

Texas Governor Bans Vaccine Mandates

Over 4 million cases of Covid in Texas and 66,000 thousand deaths, does not stop Texas governor from banning vaccine…

9 months ago

Tesla Moves Headquarters From California To Texas

Elon Musk follows through on his warning, after clashing repeatedly with Californian officials last year, and moves Tesla's corporate headquarters…

9 months ago

Texas Police Officers Sue Tesla, Allege Autopilot Is Unsafe

Lawsuit in Texas against Tesla raises Autopilot safety concerns again, after Model X crashed into two police cruisers

9 months ago

Texas Law Bans Social Media ‘De-Platforming’

US state of Texas passes law that prohibits social media companies from removing users based on their views, following Donald…

10 months ago

Samsung Offered Large Tax Breaks To Build Chip Factory In Texas

City of Taylor in Texas offers Samsung huge tax breaks in order to convince it to build a $17 billion…

10 months ago

SpaceX Warned Over Spacecraft Launch Violations

Local authorities in Texas warn Elon Musk's SpaceX over repeated violations of state laws during the launches of spacecraft

1 year ago

Samsung Mulls Four US Locations For $17bn Chip Factory – Report

Two sites in Arizona, one in New York and one is Texas being considered for new multi-billion dollar chip factory…

1 year ago

Google Seeks To Move ‘Meritless’ Collusion Lawsuit To California

Lawsuit by US states filed in Texas, alleging Google collusion with Facebook, should be heard in California instead says Google

1 year ago

Google Sued By 10 US States For Alleged Facebook Collusion

Ten US states sue Google, alleging it worked with Facebook to break US antitrust law to bolster its online advertising…

2 years ago

Oracle Joins California Leavers, Relocates To Texas

California exodus? Software giant Oracle becomes latest Silicon Valley firm to move its HQ from California and relocate it to…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Leaves California, Moves To Texas

After threatening to pull Tesla out of California altogether, Elon Musk reveals he has personally left the US state and…

2 years ago

Founding Father HPE Leaves Silicon Valley, Moves HQ To Texas

California loses a Fortune 500 company, after founding father HPE announces HQ move away from Silicon Valley to Houston, Texas

2 years ago

Trump Steps Into Tesla Factory Row, As Musk Talks With Texas Over HQ Move

US President gets involved in Elon Musk's fight with Californian county, after Fremont factory is re-opened in defiance of local…

2 years ago

‘GandCrab’ Ransomware Returns Despite Retirement Claim

New ransomware has links to GandCrab, warns SecureWorks, casting doubt on retirement claims

3 years ago

Texas Confirms No Payment Over Ransomware Attack

Just say no. None of municipalities crippled by ransomware attack have paid the hackers, Texas confirms

3 years ago

Texas Ransomware Hackers Demand $2.5 Million

Ransomware attack on small local government systems in Texas collectively demands $2.5m

3 years ago

Texas Suffers ‘Co-ordinated’ Ransomware Attack

Local government departments across Texas have been attacked with ransomware from 'single threat actor'

3 years ago

Apple To Build New $1bn Campus In Austin

The expansion is part of a £277bn plan to create more US jobs, amidst pressure from President Trump

4 years ago

Lessons From SXSW For UK Tech Startups

Martin Campbell, MD, Ormsby Street, shares tops tips he picked up for start up companies at this year's SXSW event

6 years ago

Facebook Reveals Wind-Powered Texas Data Centre

Fort Worth Facebook data centre will be 100 percent renewable energy powered at expand firm's fleet of data centres to…

7 years ago

Samsung To Invest $3.9 Billion Into Texas Chip Plant

Even more mobile processors will be made in the US

10 years ago