Apple To Require Daily Tests For Unvaccinated Staff

Unvaccinated staff working for Apple will be required to take a Covid-19 test, every time they enter the office or…

3 months ago

Amazon To Halt Covid Testing For US Workers

Too soon? E-commerce giant Amazon has confirmed it is to end testing for Coronavirus for warehouse workers at the end…

6 months ago

Amazon Halts Workforce Testing For Marijuana

America's second largest employer confirms it will no longer test staff for marijuana use, and begins testing for Covid variants…

8 months ago

GitLab Bolsters DevSecOps With Peach Tech, Fuzzit Acquisitions

GitLab to integrate Peach Tech and Fuzzit fuzz-testing into its DevOps lifecycle tool, helping developers to catch security bugs earlier…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: NHS Tests Covid-19 Contact Tracing App At RAF Base

The United Kingdom's Coronavirus tracing app that utilises Bluetooth is being tested at a Royal Air Force base in North…

2 years ago

Amazon To Build Own Coronavirus Testing Lab

Company aims to institute Covid-19 testing on a large scale to monitor staff health as it faces criticism of its…

2 years ago

Samsung Admits Rogue Alert Resulted In Data Breach

Breach admission. Samsung now admits its rogue alert last week in its Find My Mobile app resulted in some users…

2 years ago

Samsung Sent Mysterious Alert To Users Overnight

Samsung admits it accidentally sent an alert to thousands of its devices worldwide in the early hours of Thursday morning

2 years ago

Data Centre Test Omission Blamed For TSB IT Fiasco

Report alleges former TSB CIO was aware of lack of testing at TSB data centres, as it and Spanish owner…

2 years ago

Telecom Sector Needs Agreed Cybersecurity Standards – Huawei

Chinese networking giant calls for cybersecurity standards agreement as it opens Brussels facility

3 years ago

Twitter Quietly Tests Encrypted Messaging

Hush hush at Twitter, as it secretly adds the ability to send encrypted direct messages on its Android app

4 years ago

IT LIFE: Dan Martland, Edge Testing Solutions

Dan Martland from Edge Testing Solutions talks about how his hobby became a career and the importance of software testing

4 years ago

Yahoo Open Sources Daytona Testing Framework

Testing, testing...Yahoo releases automated performance testing and analysis platform Daytona to open source

5 years ago

Apple Has Been Field Testing New iPads Since September, Analysis Shows

If past market indicators hold true, Apple is about to introduce several new iPads, but perhaps not all at the…

5 years ago

IBM Offers Secure Blockchain Testing Service

Secure business push as Big Blue offers businesses a cloud testing service for secure blockchain networks

6 years ago

Businesses Are Failing To Get The Most Out Of Their Mobile Apps

Accenture report finds only half of businesses are properly integrating developing and distributing apps

6 years ago

AT&T In Pole Position To Assist Red Bull Throughout 2014 F1 Season

Providing a reliable and secure communications network for the Infiniti Red Bull team will be more important than ever thanks…

8 years ago

IT Life: Fixing Other People’s Mistakes

Dmitry Tishchenko is addicted to measurements, and says Agile is the saviour of IT

8 years ago

Seagate Buys Xyratex To Improve Hard Drive Testing

UK-based company has been taking hard drives apart for the past 25 years

8 years ago

Microsoft Offers BrowserSwarm JavaScript Testing Tool

Microsoft and its partners have launched BrowserSwarm, an open-source tool for testing JavaScript frameworks

8 years ago

Coverity Tackles Open-Source Defects

Coverity's testing solution is now used by the ANTLR open-source project to find and fix critical software defects

8 years ago

HP Updates Fortify Static Code Analyzer

HP unveils its Fortify Source Code Analyzer 4.0 for faster and more accurate software code analysis

8 years ago

Glitches Are More Dangerous Than Cyber Attacks

Iain Chidgey has some ideas on how to avoid human error

9 years ago

Xamarin Offers Test Cloud Service For Mobile Developers

Mobile developers can now take advantage of a new Test Cloud service from Xamarin to test their mobile apps

9 years ago

Apple Reportedly Tests iOS 7 And iPhone 6

Apple is already testing the iOS 7 mobile operating system and the iPhone 6, according to some reports

9 years ago

Typemock Offers Free Code Testing Tool

Developers can now use a free code testing tool that is touted as an alternative to open-source unit-testing tools

9 years ago

Open Source Code Is As Good As Proprietary, Says Coverity

Open source code scanned by Coverity had slightly fewer flaws per 1000 lines

10 years ago

Cloud Testing Boost For Rational As IBM Buys Green Hat

IBM Rational has announced a move to acquire Green Hat, a maker of cloud-based software testing products

10 years ago

Top Glitches Played Havoc With Reputations in 2011

As the year winds to a close, Susan Chadwick, of Edge Testing Solutions explores the minefield that is risk-based software…

10 years ago

Final Firefox 4 Beta ‘Nearly Ready’ After Delay

The latest beta version of Firefox 4 is nearing completion, hoped to be the last before a release candidate

11 years ago