US Security Committee Reviews Tencent’s £919m Sumo Takeover

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States launches probe into Tencent's proposed acquisition of British gaming studio amidst increased…

4 weeks ago

WeChat Fixes Content ‘Glitch’ Amidst Regulatory Pressure

Tencent fixes 'loophole' that allowed Bing and Google to temporarily display WeChat results, as China regulators seek to open up…

1 month ago

Tencent’s Timi Studios ‘Made $10bn’ In 2020

Tencent's Timi Studios, developer of Call of Duty Mobile, reportedly brought in $10bn in revenues last year, possibly making it…

8 months ago

President Trump Blacklists Eight Chinese Apps

Executive order signed by US President bans transactions with eight Chinese software applications including Ant's Alipay payment app

11 months ago

PUBG Cuts Tencent Ties After Indian Ban

Effort to persuade Indian authorities not to ban PUBG Mobile, sees South Korean developer cut ties to Chinese publisher Tencent

1 year ago

India Bans 118 Mostly Chinese Apps, Including PUBG

India has increased its Chinese mobile app clampdown, with 118 mobile apps including Tencent's popular game PUBG Mobile, now banned

1 year ago

Twitter Talks With TikTok Over US Operations – Report

As Donald Trump threatens a ban next month, TikTok reportedly held 'preliminary talks with Twitter over its US operations

1 year ago

TikTok Owner Promises Legal Action Over US Ban

TikTok owner ByteDance challenges US executive order against it, as Trump administration targets WeChat in major trade war escalation

1 year ago

Jack Ma To Hand Over Alibaba Reins Next Year

The Alibaba co-founder, a former English teacher with no technical background, said he is stepping down so that he can…

3 years ago

China’s WeChat Denies Storing Users’ Data After Spying Claim

The leading Chinese messaging app said it doesn't store users' chat history, after a top businessman said WeChat was 'watching'…

4 years ago

BadTunnel Security Flaw Affected All Windows Versions For 20 Years

Discovery of serious Windows vulnerability, dubbed BadTunnel, earns researcher top bug bounty reward

5 years ago

Chinese Authorities Close 16 Websites After Coup Rumours

Comment function shut down on two microblogging platforms following the fall of a political leader

10 years ago

Ailing MeeGo Finds Major Chinese Backing

China's Tencent has announced an interest in helping Intel bring MeeGo to fruition

11 years ago