BT Begins Talk To Sell Stake In Openreach – Report

Selling off the crown jewels? BT is reportedly in talks to sell a multi billion pound stake in its hugely…

3 weeks ago

Ericsson To Pay $1bn To Settle US Corruption Charges

Ericsson promises to improve ethics after admitting to carrying out corrupt activities over more than a decade, including bribes of…

6 months ago

US Signals Huawei Sales Could Recommence ‘In Two Weeks’

But Chinese firm is already planning massive layoffs at its US research and development subsidiary as trade restrictions bite

11 months ago

MPs: No Technical Grounds For Huawei Ban

Committee finds Chinese gear could be safely allowed in some areas of 5G networks, but says there may be 'geopolitical…

11 months ago

Future Factory: How 5G will transform industry, networking and communications

Manufacturing looks set to become one of the first industries to be transformed by 5G. Until now, the full potential…

12 months ago

US Delays Huawei Sanctions, Citing Stability Risk

Google said it would resume working with Huawei after the announcement of the 90-day stay of execution, while Huawei says…

1 year ago

Google Restricts Huawei’s Access To Android After US Blacklisting

Google says it is 'reviewing the implications' of the US ban but that current Huawei Android devices will retain access…

1 year ago

KCOM Acquired For £504m By Pension Fund

Hull-based telecoms group agrees to be acquired for over half a billion pounds by university pension fund

1 year ago

Russian Telcos Consider Experimental Disconnection From Global Internet

The exercise would allow telcos to simulate how their networks would function if Russia were cut off from the worldwide…

1 year ago

Weeks After US Ban Lifted, ZTE Production ‘Back To Normal’

ZTE is set to accelerate its investment in critical parts such as chips after the US supply embargo nearly put…

2 years ago