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Spanish Court Approves John McAfee Extradition To US

Cyber security pioneer John McAfee is to be extradited to the United States from Spain on tax fraud charges, but…

7 months ago

Tech Giants Paid $96 Billion Less Tax Than Stated, Campaigners Allege

Amazon has disputed calculations by the Fair Tax Foundation as “extremely misleading”, after report targets 'Silicon Six'

8 months ago

Amazon Wins Tax Appeal Against European Commission

Europe tax setback? EU's General Court rules the European Commission failed to prove Amazon enjoyed an illegal tax advantage from…

8 months ago

John McAfee Arrested In Spain, Faces US Extradiction

Colourful former security tycoon John McAfee arrested in Spain at the weekend, trying to board plane to Turkey with British…

1 year ago

EC Challenges Court’s Quashing Of Apple £12bn Tax Bill

European regulator appeals court ruling, which rejected EU order for Apple to pay 13 billion euros ($11.8bn) in Irish back…

1 year ago

OECD Tells UK To ‘Hold Fire’ On Digital Tax

British plans to introduce a digital or tech tax in April should be delayed until a global consensus is reached,…

2 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Calls For Overhaul Of Global Tax System

Corporation tax needs global overhaul Cook says, as President Macron and President Trump declare truce in digital tax spat

2 years ago

France, US To Attempt Digital Tax Agreement In Two Weeks

Both countries have set the target of two weeks to reach agreement over France's implementation of a digital or tech…

2 years ago

Boris Johnson Backs Digital Tax, Despite US Opposition

Prime Minister defies US President Trump and insists British digital tax on US tech giants will proceed

2 years ago

Boris Johnson Calls For Digital Tax On Tech Giants

Candidate to be prime minister says current tax arrangements for tech giants is 'deeply unfair' to the high street

3 years ago

Global Tech Tax Rules To Be Agreed By 2020

Sorry Ireland. G20 finance ministers agree to close tax loopholes for tech firms by 2020

3 years ago

US Labels Digital Tax On Tech Firms As ‘Highly Discriminatory’

Senior US Treasury officials labels the French digital tax as 'discriminatory' and 'ill conceived'

3 years ago

France Starts Digital Tax On Amazon, Facebook, Google

Tech giants to pay digital taxation from 1 January in France, after EU countries fail to reach agreement

3 years ago

Appleby Data Breach Could Expose Secrets Of Super Rich

Data from law firm in Bermuda could potentially reveal sensitive financial data about high profile individuals

4 years ago

EU Penalty For Apple’s ‘Illegal’ Tax Benefit Prompts US Intervention

American government reportedly intervenes in Apple's appeal against huge tax penalty levelled by EU last year

5 years ago

Cross Channel: Tax Dodging Consultants And Red Hat Reselling Expanded

Distribution deals and acquisitions were the flavour of the week in the channel world

5 years ago