Tax Avoidance

Amazon Starts European Corporate Tax Payments

Amazon begins paying corporate tax in a number of European countries, but will Google and Apple follow suit?

7 years ago

Tax Practices Of Tech Giants Attacked By OECD Official

The man in charge of reforming global tax laws warns tech giants to stop “extremely aggressive” tax planning

7 years ago

TfL Seeks HMRC Probe Of Uber Tax Arrangement

The bitter rivalry between established transport players and the young pretender Uber continues

7 years ago

Amazon Luxembourg Tax Affairs Faces EU Probe

Amazon faces official EU watchdog probe over its tax arrangement deal with Luxembourg

7 years ago

Apple Faces European Commission Tax Probe

The European Commission begins a formal investigation into the tax arrangements of Apple and others

8 years ago

Samsung Heirs Face Colossal Inheritance Tax Bill

The ailing health of Samsung's Group patriarch triggers worry about a very hefty inheritance tax bill

8 years ago

Google Staff Bus Halted By Angry Protests

Residents in San Francisco stopped a bus carrying Google staff to protest at its contribution to local coffers

8 years ago

Russian Authorities To Investigate Google’s Tax Practices

A Russian lawmaker accuses Google of tax avoidance, while a different investigation looks at data transfers possibly related to PRISM

9 years ago

US Shields Its Digital Companies Against Tax Reform

The White House could resist closing loopholes in international tax law

9 years ago

G8 Pledges Action Over Tax Avoidance

G8 leaders vow to crack down on international tax evasion following the Google, Apple, and Amazon accusations

9 years ago

MPs Urge HMRC To Act On Google ‘Tax Avoidance’

Google faces more fierce criticism over its tax affairs from MPs, and government is urged to take proper action

9 years ago

MPs Bemoan ‘Tax Avoidance’ Amongst Top Government IT Suppliers

Accenture and Capgemini say they are doing nothing wrong, as MPs vent frustration

9 years ago

Apple Accused Of Running From the Taxman

Record profits don’t always mean record taxes

10 years ago