Tax Avoidance

World Leaders Agree Corporation Tax Rate

Tax loophole finally closed? After years of talks, threats and tariffs, world leaders reach an historic agreement of 15 percent…

2 months ago

Boris Johnson Talks Tax With Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Downing Street confirms British Prime Minister discussed the issue of taxation during meeting with Jeff Bezos in New York

2 months ago

Tech Giants Paid $96 Billion Less Tax Than Stated, Campaigners Allege

Amazon has disputed calculations by the Fair Tax Foundation as “extremely misleading”, after report targets 'Silicon Six'

6 months ago

Amazon Wins Tax Appeal Against European Commission

Europe tax setback? EU's General Court rules the European Commission failed to prove Amazon enjoyed an illegal tax advantage from…

7 months ago

Canada Plans Digital Services Tax In 2022

Despite OECD talks on common approach, Canada becomes latest country to announce its own digital services tax on big tech

1 year ago

France Warns Big Tech To Pay Digital Tax In December

Pay up, pay up. France issues notices to big name tech firms such as Amazon and Facebook, to prepare to…

1 year ago

France Urges EU Digital Tax Rollout

French finance minister says the European Union should ready its own digital tax plans in case OECD negotiations about global…

1 year ago

EC Challenges Court’s Quashing Of Apple £12bn Tax Bill

European regulator appeals court ruling, which rejected EU order for Apple to pay 13 billion euros ($11.8bn) in Irish back…

1 year ago

Apple’s £11.8 Billion Irish Tax Bill Overturned

Big relief for Tim Cook. EU court overturns Apple's need to pay 13 billion euros in back tax payments to…

1 year ago

Spanish Lawmakers To Draft 3 Percent Digital Tax

More bad news for US-based tech businesses as Spanish lawmakers ready a draft law calling for a 3 percent tax…

1 year ago

France Hits Back At US Trade Threat Over Digital Tax

After the United States begins investigations this week into digital tax scheme of some countries, France warns of unity risk

2 years ago

OECD Confirms Rewrite Of Global Tax Laws

Digital tax. 140 governments agree to rewrite cross border tax laws that will increase the tax paid by tech giants…

2 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Calls For Overhaul Of Global Tax System

Corporation tax needs global overhaul Cook says, as President Macron and President Trump declare truce in digital tax spat

2 years ago

Digital Tax Payback As US Vows Tax On Champagne, Cheese

Cheese, champagne, and handbags may be hit with punitive duties of up to 100% by the United States in response…

2 years ago

US Readies Response To French Tech Tax

US trade officials will on Monday reveal their proposed response to France's imposing a tax on mostly US tech firms…

2 years ago

Tech Giants To Pay More Taxes Under OECD Proposals

Revolution in corporate taxation under draft proposals from OECD will see US tech giants pay more tax

2 years ago

European $14 Billion Tax Demand On Apple ‘Defies Common Sense’

Order for $14 billion in back taxes from Apple “defies reality and common sense”, iPad maker argues

2 years ago

Germany Mulls Digital Tax On Tech Giants

Europe's largest economy considers imposing 'digital tax' on mostly US-based tech giants

3 years ago

Amazon Tax Pay Reignites Digital Tax Row

Tax dodging accusations fly as Amazon allegedly only paid £62m corporation tax over past 20 years

3 years ago

France To Press Ahead With Digital Tax In 2019

Tax on tech giants will begin in 2019 by individual nations if necessary, warns French finance minister

3 years ago

EU Unveils ‘Interim’ Online Tax Proposals For Tech Giants

Tech tax. Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon to be impacted by proposed three percent tax on revenues

4 years ago

Appleby Data Breach Could Expose Secrets Of Super Rich

Data from law firm in Bermuda could potentially reveal sensitive financial data about high profile individuals

4 years ago

EU Penalty For Apple’s ‘Illegal’ Tax Benefit Prompts US Intervention

American government reportedly intervenes in Apple's appeal against huge tax penalty levelled by EU last year

4 years ago

Ireland Readies EU Appeal Over Apple Tax Demand

Irish eyes are smiling on Apple, as government readies appeal on tax ruling by European Commission

5 years ago

George Osborne Reveals Corporation Tax Reform

Multinational corporations face tougher rules as the Chancellor signals tax avoidance clampdown

6 years ago

Google’s Europe Boss Fails To Answer MPs Over Salary

Google tax avoidance controversy continues after UK boss tells MPs he does not to know his salary

6 years ago

Apple Faces Potential £5.6bn European Tax Bill

Apple could be facing a bill of more than $8bn (£5.6bn) over its tax practices, as European Commission decision looms

6 years ago

Apple To Pay £235m To Settle Italian Tax Row – Report

Settles corporate tax row with Italian authorities, and pledges agreement on tax liabilities going forward

6 years ago

Amazon Pays Just £12m Corporation Tax Despite £5.3bn Sales

But the days of tech giants paying low amounts of tax could be numbered

6 years ago