Target To Settle Epic Data Breach Lawsuit With $10m Payoff

The stark reality of the financial cost of a data breach is revealed, as Target aims to settle lawsuit for…

7 years ago

How Much Will Cybercrime Cost Us In 2015?

Orlando Scott-Cowley, director of technology marketing at Mimecast, looks back on the Target and Home Depot cyber attacks, and asks…

7 years ago

Home Depot Confirms Massive Security Breach

The US retailer has confirmed hackers had access to its point-of-sale systems for as long as five months

8 years ago

Target CEO Leaves Following Epic Breach

Retail giant announces Gregg Steinhafel is stepping down as CEO to lead the company forward after its epic hack

8 years ago

Target Hires New CIO After Data Breach

Target appoints a veteran CIO to oversee security and technology at the giant US retailer

8 years ago

Trustwave Gets Sued: Who Is Next?

Banks claim security firm Trustwave left US retailer Target open to credit card security breaches. Sean Michael Kerner thinks this…

8 years ago

Banks Sue Trustwave Over Target Breach

Banks claim security firm failed to identify weaknesses at the retailer

8 years ago

Target: Why Blame The Victim Of The Crime?

When retailer Target was attacked, the CIO Beth Jacob had to resign. Sean Michael Kerner thinks we shouldn't be blaming…

8 years ago

Target CIO Resigns Amid Ongoing Breach Fallout

US retailer Target is still reeling from its damaging security breach, as the CIO hands in her resignation

8 years ago

PayPal President Has Credit Card Hacked

Online payments chief had card ‘skimmed’ whilst in the UK - and says it wouldn't have happened if we all…

8 years ago

America’s Chip And Pin Roll-Out Could Be Expensive

The US is ten years behind Europe on installing Chip and PIN security for credit cards. Wayne Rash says it's…

8 years ago

Target Hackers Snuck In Through Ventilation Vendor

Epic breach in part down to credentials stolen from Fazio Mechanical Services

8 years ago

Target Hack – The Net Spreads Wider

The Target hackers broke in through a third party. Sean Michael Kerner says this should change your security strategy

8 years ago

FBI Warns US Retailers To Expect Future Cyber Attacks

Warning comes in the wake in massive hack of Target customer data

8 years ago

Russian Programmer Armed ‘Potato’ Malware Used On Target

Rinat Shabayev says he modified Kaptoxa malware to earn some money

8 years ago

New Target Cyber-Attack Details Emerge

Security researchers reveal details of the malware used in the damaging breach of US retailer Target

8 years ago

How The Crooks Hit Target

What can we learn from the Target hack? Sean Michael Kerner says we can't blame any single technology

8 years ago

Target Attackers May Have Used RAM Scrapers

Software that pulls card numbers from computer memories is a growing threat, and may have been used in two recent…

8 years ago

After Target, Retailers Need Better Security

The Target breach exposed how weak security is at shops. Wayne Rash wants to see biometrics

8 years ago

Over 70 Million Customers Hit In Target Hack

Significantly higher than the 40 million customers originally thought compromised

8 years ago

Target Reassures Customers Over Security Following Massive Breach

US retailer Target has disclosed that the credit card PIN numbers taken in the breach were encrypted

8 years ago

US Retailer Target Investigating Massive Credit Card Breach

As many as 40 million credit cards potentially compromised as Target brings in law enforcement

8 years ago

Government Insists Universal Broadband Targets Will Be Met

Culture secretary Maria Miller says the government will have 90 percent of the country superfast by the end of 2015

9 years ago

The Commoditisation Of Hacktivist Attacks

Off-the shelf software for DDoS attacks has brought the means of disruption to smaller pressure groups, says Eric Doyle

10 years ago

Canada Becomes Second-Largest Malware Source

Canada's clean cyber climate appears to be attracting the malware criminals, says Websense

11 years ago