Tales In Tech History: Symbian

Once the world's leading mobile phone operating system, Symbian is yet another tech icon that is dead and buried

4 years ago

Nokia ‘Paid Millions’ To Symbian Blackmailers

Nokia paid several million euros to stop blackmailers revealing the source code of the Symbian OS

7 years ago

Symbian Is Officially Over

Once most popular mobile OS on the planet, Symbian bites the dust as last phones leave the factory

8 years ago

There Is ‘No Mobile Malware Crisis’

Mobile threat a concern, but still not much of one, F-Secure research shows

9 years ago

Android And BlackBerry Malware Selling For Thousands On Dark Web

TechWeekEurope sees seller pushing malware which targets major banks via Android, BlackBerry and Symbian for as much as $15,000

9 years ago

Nokia PureView 808 Will Be Symbian’s Last Stand

Nokia officially abandons Symbian in favour of Windows Phone

9 years ago

Nokia Launches Budget Phone And New Developer Tools

Nokia has launched the Nokia 109 handset for developing markets, as well as new developer tools

9 years ago

Developers Confident Of Nokia Chances With Windows Phone 8

Developers are optimistic about the chances of Nokia and Microsoft succeeding with Windows Phone 8

9 years ago

Android, iOS Enjoy Total Domination Of Mobile Ecosystem

Android and iOS now enjoy total domination of the mobile ecosystem, as Symbian languishes at just 6.8 percent

10 years ago

Nokia Urged To Target Symbian, BlackBerry Users

Nokia's Windows Phone portfolio is predicted to drive a wedge between the Android and iPhone camps

10 years ago

Up To 400 Developers Abandon Work On Symbian

Several hundred ex-Nokia employees voluntarily left work after being outsourced to Accenture

10 years ago

Nokia And Microsoft To Invest £15 Million Into Windows Phone Apps

AppCampus in Finland will become a prime destination for Windows Phone developers

10 years ago

Nokia’s Windows Phone Market Share Overtakes Symbian In UK

Nokia Lumia 800 accounts for 87 percent of European Windows Phone sales

10 years ago

Nokia To Release A 10-Inch Windows 8 Tablet In Q4?

Windows 8 tablet rumoured to feature a dual-core Qualcomm processor

10 years ago

MWC 2012: Nokia Symbian Handset Wins Best ‘In Show’ Award

Nokia's 41 megapixel PureView 808 declared the best device to appear at this year's show

10 years ago

MWC 2012: Nokia Announces 41 Megapixel Symbian Smartphone

Nokia says anyone can take professional looking photographs with the PureView 808

10 years ago

Android Malware Increased By 3,000 Percent in 2011

Google's Android was targeted with malware more than any other mobile operating system in 2011

10 years ago

Nokia Cuts Jobs And Moves Manufacturing To Asia

Nokia is to axe 4,000 jobs as it transfers its smartphone manufacturing operations to the Far East

10 years ago

Nokia Belle Update Available For Download

Nokia Belle is now available for download for Symbian handsets, in what could be the hurrah for the Symbian OS

10 years ago

Nokia To Ship Just One More Symbian Device?

Nokia is reportedly scaling down its Symbian usage and will apparently ship just one more handset running Symbian

10 years ago

iPhone Market Share Grows In UK, Falters Elsewhere

Apple enjoys iPhone 4S sales boost in the UK but is not doing so well in continental Europe and Asia

10 years ago

Microsoft Shows Win Phone 7 On iPhone, Android

Microsoft has demonstrated Windows Phone 7 in action – on iPhone and Android devices

10 years ago

Modest Impact Predicted For Nokia Windows Phones

Nokia's new Windows Phone handsets are unlikely to sell in large numbers, according to one analyst

10 years ago

Over Half Of Smartphone Sales Are Android: Gartner

The Android operating system hit 52.5 percent market share compared with 15 percent for Apple's iPhone

10 years ago

Duqu Server Shut Down In India

Indian authorities have seized hard drives from a server linked with the Duqu worm

10 years ago

Nokia Windows Phones To Arrive Next Week

Nokia handsets running Windows Phone 7 will debut next week at a Nokia event in London

10 years ago

Nokia’s First WP7 Handset Dubbed Sea Ray

Nokia's first handset to run Windows Phone 7 could be named Searay (or Sea Ray) and Sabre

10 years ago

Nokia Takes Axe To Workforce Again

Nokia is cutting 3,500 jobs as well as a factory in Romania

10 years ago

Android Is Best For Business, Say Readers

Blackberry ties second with iPhone, in eWEEK poll. Next: tell us your Fantasy HP CEO

10 years ago

Europe Dominated By Smartphones

Smartphones have overrun Western Europe, out-shipping feature phones for the first time, with Android leading

10 years ago