Swiss Encryption Firm Crypto AG At Centre Of Spying Allegation

Was a Swiss cryptography company acting as a front for America's CIA during the cold war, in order to eavesdrop…

6 months ago

Facebook’s Libra Currency To Face Tough Swiss, US Scrutiny

The Switzerland-based Libra digital currency will face tough US and Swiss scrutiny, officials warn

11 months ago

Swiss ‘Crypto Valley’ Tests Blockchain-Based Voting

The city of Zug is to hold a small-scale test referendum using its blockchain-based electronic ID system

2 years ago

Cyber-Attack Now Largest Threat For Swiss Banks

Swiss watchdog FINMA warn that cyber-attacks now pose the biggest risk facing banks in Switzerland

2 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Plots Swiss Data Centre To Allay Russia Concerns

Russian firm to open 'transparency centre' in Switzerland to handle US and European data

2 years ago

Microsoft Azure Expands Into Switzerland, Middle East

Along with expansion in Germany, Microsoft said it's planning new data centres for Switzerland and its first cloud facilities in…

2 years ago

IBM Unleashes Watson To Secure Swiss Financial Sector With Next-Gen SOC

Watson will provide cognitive cyber security tools and services for Swiss-based businesses

3 years ago

Swiss-US Privacy Shield Mimics EU Data Sharing Arrangement

Switzerland's Privacy Shield data transfer agreement with the US is similar to the EU, aiding multinationals and offering potential Brexit…

4 years ago

Gotthard Base Tunnel: How Hardened Networks & IoT Keep World’s Longest Rail Tunnel Safe

The world's longest and deepest rail tunnel is fully operational, but building networks in the middle of a mountain is…

4 years ago

Switzerland To Ease Red Tape For Fintech Startups

Swiss government proposes new rules to help financial technology startups enter the market

4 years ago

Bitcoin Can Now Be Purchased At Swiss SBB Ticket Machines For Cold Hard Cash

The spread of Bitcoin is set to increase, bypassing traditional currency exchange

4 years ago

Snooping Becomes Legal In Switzerland To Combat Terrorism

Swiss voters have approved a law that allows security services to conduct surveillance operations

4 years ago

Swiss Post Starts Robotic Delivery Trials

Starship Technologies' six-wheeled delivery robots to be tested in Swiss cities

4 years ago

Zug, Switzerland Accepts Bitcoin For Public Services

Swiss city trials Bitcoin payments of up to £143 as part of wider trial to see how digital currencies can…

4 years ago

Hackers Target Swiss Railways, Political Parties And Retailers

A group called NSHC claims responsibility for SVP hack and SBB DDoS assault, but not a separate incident affecting

4 years ago

Can Encryption Make Public Wi-Fi Safer?

With more connectivity comes more risk. Symantec says encryption can protect public Wi-Fi networks, users and help telcos improve their…

5 years ago

Poll: TechWeek Readers Rate Switzerland And Germany For Privacy

Germany and Switzerland impress our readers with their privacy laws - but a lot of people vote for "other"

6 years ago

Switzerland Launches Criminal Probe Into NSA Surveillance

It sounds like the Swiss authorities want to put the American spies in prison

7 years ago

Swisscom Pitches ‘Swiss Cloud’ Privacy Credentials To Concerned Businesses

Swisscom's 'Swiss Cloud' services could be attractive to companies concerned about the extent of government surveillance

7 years ago

Active Power Receives $10m Flywheel Order

Power distributor NetPower Safe plans data centre campus in Switzerland

9 years ago

Swiss Government Rules Downloading To Stay Legal

The Swiss government claims that file-sharing does not lose entertainment companies money

9 years ago

ISOC Tells WEF: No Quick Fixes For Safer Internet

The Internet Society's CEO will warn the World Economic Forum against a "knee-jerk" Internet security fix

10 years ago