Supreme Court

Brazil Judge Opens Probe Into Elon Musk

Brazil Supreme Court opens probe into Elon Musk after X revokes ban on restricted accounts, in latest tangle over misinformation

2 months ago

UK Supreme Court Rules AI Cannot Be Patent Inventor

Landmark ruling. American computer scientist loses bid to overturn UK's refusal to register two patents invented by a 'creativity machine'

5 months ago

Landmark US Supreme Court Challenge Internet Immunity

US Supreme Court hears cases that for first time question key law that protects internet firms from liability for content…

1 year ago

Texas Social Media Law Enforcement Paused By Federal Appeals Court

Federal appeals court pauses Texas social media law’s enforcement, as case heads to the US Supreme Court for ruling

2 years ago

Florida Seeks Supreme Court Ruling On Social Media Law

US state of Florida seeks Supreme Court ruling on its controversial social media law that stops platforms from banning political…

2 years ago

Google Staff Demand Protections, Amid State Abortion Bans

Senior management at Google urged by hundreds of staff to adopt policies to safeguard staff and users data, amid abortion…

2 years ago

Google To Delete Location History Of Users Who Visit Abortion Clinics

Google to automatically delete location history of users who go near sensitive locations such as abortion clinics following Roe v…

2 years ago

Google Tells Staff They Can Relocate After Roe v Wade Ending

After US Supreme Court last week removed women's reproduction rights, Google tells staff they can relocate without explanation

2 years ago

Wikileaks Julian Assange Extradition To US Approved By Home Secretary

Julian Assange loses decade long battle against his extradition to the United States, but Wikileaks says it will appeal decision

2 years ago

US Supreme Court Seeks Biden Input On WhatsApp’s NSO Lawsuit

Justices on US Supreme Court mull whether Meta's WhatsApp can pursue its lawsuit against NSO Group, and seek Biden administration…

2 years ago

US Supreme Court Blocks Controversial Texas Social Media Law

Content moderation victory? Tech industry celebrates as US Supreme Court blocks controversial Texas social media law from taking effect

2 years ago

Texas Social Media Law Battle Heads To Supreme Court

Battle between Texas and social networking giants reaches US Supreme Court, and it could decide future of online content moderation…

2 years ago

Julian Assange Wins Right To Ask Supreme Court For Extradition Appeal

Another twist. Julian Assange wins right to ask UK's Supreme Court if it will hear his appeal against December extradition…

2 years ago

Apple Threatens UK Exit Over Patent Dispute

Patent trolling...Lawyers for American tech giant say Apple could quit UK market over patent dispute with Optis Cellular Technology

3 years ago

Google Tracking Of Safari Users, Heads To UK Supreme Court

Ten years after it emerged Google had tracked Safari users browser history, the landmark case is to go before the…

3 years ago

Google Wins Over Oracle In Decade-Long Case

US Supreme Court hands victory to Google in decade-long spat with Oracle over search giant's use of Java SE API…

3 years ago

UK Court Rules Uber Drivers Are Workers

UK Supreme Court rules Uber drivers are workers, not self employed contractors, in major intervention in the British 'gig economy'

3 years ago

Oracle’s Android Lawsuit Against Google Heard At US Supreme Court

Ten year old Android dispute is heard before highest court in the United States this week, as Oracle seeks ruling…

4 years ago

Apple Pays VirnetX $454m Settlement For Decade-Long Patent Battle

VirnetX has declared victory in its long-running patent battle, after Apple pays it a settlement of $454m following supreme court…

4 years ago

US Supreme Court Rejects Apple Appeal Against VirnetX

Bad news for Apple, as the US Supreme Court rejects iPad maker's appeal against a $440m patent infringement financial penalty

4 years ago

US Supreme Court Rejects Wisconsin’s Apple Patent Appeal

Victory for Apple after rejection of patent challenge, but a Midwestern university is not giving up its legal fight against…

5 years ago

US Supreme Court Gives Go-Ahead To Apple Consumer Antitrust Lawsuit

The action alleges Apple's App Store violates federal monopoly law by forcing users to buy from it and imposing a…

5 years ago

Supreme Court Cuts Short Battle Over Net Neutrality Regulation

The US Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal that could have gutted regulators' authority to impose net neutrality…

6 years ago

US Supreme Court Rules On Mobile Phone Location Data

Court case involving armed robber sees setback for American law enforcement in using historical location data

6 years ago

US Supreme Court To Hear Apple Appeal In App Store Monopoly Case

The lawsuit over excessive App Store developer fees could have a broad impact on e-commerce platforms such as those of…

6 years ago

Samsung Wins Supreme Court Patent Battle Against Apple

The Korean tech giant wins this round of patent disputes against Cupertino

7 years ago

Assange Loses Extradition Hearing But Fight Not Over Yet

Assange loses his appeal at the Supreme Court, but he may find a way of avoiding extradition yet again

12 years ago

Anonymous Strikes Down Theresa May Website In Extradition Protest

TechWeekEurope learns an Anonymous splinter group took down Theresa May's website, whilst targeting the ICO and the Supreme Court

12 years ago

Anonymous Claims Supreme Court And CIA Takedowns

Anonymous claims hits on the UK Supreme Court and the CIA

12 years ago

Supreme Court Twitter Policy Changed Under Pressure From ICO

Thanks to Information Commissioner's Office, you can now send Freedom of Information requests to the court in 140 characters or…

12 years ago