Musk Touts ‘Slight Cost’ For Business Use Of Twitter

Twitter for 'casual users' will remain fee, tweets Elon Musk, but businesses using Twitter will be subjected to 'slight fee'

3 weeks ago

Twitter Paid Service ‘Twitter Blue’ To Cost $2.99

Monthly subscription costing $2.99 will give Twitter users advanced features, including an 'undo' option and 'collection' facility for tweets

1 year ago

Twitter Mulls Digital Payment Option For Users

Monetising option. Jack Dorsey reveals Twitter exploring ways to allow users to receive tips or digital payments from followers

1 year ago

Twitter Develops Subscription Fee To Lessen Ad Reliance

Micro-blogging platform Twitter is developing a subscription product, in an effort to lessen dependence on advertising revenues

1 year ago

Twitter Mulls Subscription Options, As Ad Revenue Plummets

Coronavirus hits Twitter's advertising revenue, causing senior management to mull alternative ways to make money from users

2 years ago

Adobe Restores Services For Venezuela

Software giant Adobe gives users in Venezuela three months free after reaching agreement with the US government

3 years ago

Adobe Warns Of Legal Issues From Use Of Older Photoshop Versions

Really? Adobe warns users of older versions of Photoshop they actual brought, that they could be sued

3 years ago

Facebook Mulls Advert-Free Subscription Model

Would you pay to use Facebook if it carried no adverts? Facebook executives reportedly ponder the option

4 years ago

WhatApp Scam Tricks Users Into Handing Over Subscription Fee

WhatsApp hasn't charged a subscription since it was first launched in 2010

5 years ago

Microsoft Will Block Non-Office 365 Users From Skype, OneDrive & Outlook

Beginning in 2020 users of current standalone Office products will no longer have access to Office 365 services such as…

5 years ago

Publishers Slate Apple’s Subscription Service

Publishers are pressing Apple to make changes to its App Store subscription service rules for iPad and iPhone

11 years ago

Google One Pass Undercuts Apple Subscription Plan

With One Pass Google is aiming to provide a subscription model that is more lucrative for publishers

11 years ago

Apple Faces Subscription Competition From Google

Apple is facing opposition to its in-app subscription policy, as Google moves to undercut with a service of its own

11 years ago