BT Reaches Union Agreement Over Modernisation

Threat of strike action removed, after BT Group reaches agreement with its largest union, the Communication Workers Union

7 months ago

Amazon Workers In German Strike On ‘Prime’ Day

German trade union Verdi urges workers to conduct two day strike over pay and conditions during Amazon 'Prime Day' sales…

1 year ago

German Union Calls For Amazon Strike Before Christmas

Amazon could be facing possible strike action in Germany, after Verdi trade union calls for walkout at key distribution hub

2 years ago

Google Staff Stage Mass Walkout Over Harassment Payouts

Google staff around the world stage mass walkout to protest payouts for those accused of sexual harassment

3 years ago

Ireland’s Technology Teachers Strike Over Funding Cuts

Budget cuts blamed in Ireland as lecturers down tools and distrupt tech teaching to students

6 years ago

Amazon Germany Threatened With More Strike Action

German staff at the online retail giant Amazon are to strike again over a long-running pay dispute

8 years ago

IBM Workers Strike Over Transfer To Lenovo

Protests at Chinese factory concern the terms of new contracts following IBM’s agreement to sell its server business to Lenovo

8 years ago

Amazon Employees In Germany Go On Strike During Holiday Season

The first day of the industrial action corresponds to last year’s busiest day

8 years ago

Foxconn Denies Strike Rumours

Despite reports to the contrary, FoxConn says production of the iPhone 5 is on schedule

9 years ago

Fujitsu Ups UK Minimum Wage To £14k

UK Fujitsu workers lower down the food chain are set for better pay

10 years ago

Union Calls For Protests Over IBM Job Cuts

An IBM union is calling for protests and picketing at IBM locations in response to the latest round of job…

10 years ago

Fujitsu Agrees Union Deal To End Strikes

The bitter and long industrial dispute between Fujitsu and Unite has ended after the two sides agreed a deal

10 years ago

Fujitsu Staff Back At Work As Unite Calls Off Strike

Fujitsu workers belonging to the Unite union have called off their planned protest at the Tory party conference

10 years ago

Fujitsu Workers Down Tools For Strike

Fujitsu is once again at the centre of industrial unrest after workers in Manchester walked out on strike

10 years ago

Over 1,000 Fujitsu Workers To Strike Next Week

Unite and PCS unions have announced joint strike action over unfair pay for Fujitsu workers

10 years ago

Unite Members Opt To Strike At Fujitsu Crewe Plant

Fujitsu staff have voted to walk out of strike because of the alleged unfair treatment of a trade unionist

11 years ago

HP Workers Consider Strike Over Offshoring Plans

HP workers at a number of UK sites are considering strike action over plans to offshore their jobs

11 years ago

BT Reaches Pay Deal With Union To Avert Strike

It is all quiet on the industrial front after BT reached a reached a deal with union leaders for an…

12 years ago

Union Halts BT Strike Vote Over Legal Worries

The Communication Workers Union has scrapped a strike ballot over industrial action at BT, after legal concerns about the way…

12 years ago

Workers Hold Strike Vote As BT Calls For Delay

As the CWU ballots its BT members over strike action, managed service provider Star advises companies on how to deal…

12 years ago

BT Denies Engineering Ban Is For England Match

BT has denied that it has banned engineering work on Saturday evening because of the England football match against the…

12 years ago

BT Strike Ballot Looms As Union Rejects Offer

Both sides say they are ready to talk in the BT pay dispute, but a strike ballot looks more likely

12 years ago

BT Says Strike ‘In No One’s Interest’

The Communications Workers Union claims BT's pay offer is not in line with the company's £1billion profits

12 years ago

HP Strike Action Called Off By Union

HP workers have suspended their two-day strike action as talks continue over pay freezes and redundancies

12 years ago

Vodafone To Slash 375 UK Jobs

Mobile phone operator Vodafone has announced plans to cut 375 UK jobs in a bid to 'simplify' its service

12 years ago