Steve Jobs

Tim Cook Now A Billionaire After Apple Share Surge

Welcome to the club. CEO Tim Cook now said to be a billionaire after almost a decade in charge of…

8 months ago

Sir Jony Ive Has Left The Building

Apple removes British chief designer Sir Jony Ive from its leadership web page, suggesting he has now officially left the…

1 year ago

Sir Jony Ive, iPhone Designer, To Leave Apple

The 'spiritual partner' of the late Steve Jobs, British designer of the iPhone Sir Jony Ive is to leave Apple

2 years ago

‘Possible, But Not Probable’: Teenaged Steve Jobs’ CV Set To Fetch £39,000

A handwritten job application filled out by Jobs in his pre-Apple days is rife with errors but shows an early…

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Origins Of The iPhone

The iPhone X celebrates ten years of the iPhone. Here is the story of the phone that changed everything

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: How Well Do You Know Apple?

Are you an Apple fan? Then why not put your knowledge to the test!

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Apple Newton

Yes folks, Apple did make some technology turkeys. The Apple Newton PDA being a case in point

5 years ago

Steve Wozniak Criticises Apple For Becoming A ‘Jewellery’ Producer

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hits out at Watch device, but backs Tim Cook for FBI refusal

5 years ago

Apple And Google Agree ‘No-Poaching’ Staff Deal – Report

Tech workers win settlement from Apple, Google and others over an alleged 'no-poaching' of staff pact

6 years ago

Apple’s Steve Jobs Provides Evidence In iPod Lawsuit

Steve Jobs and his actions are a central element in a lawsuit which alleges Apple 'wiped' rival songs from iPods

6 years ago

Apple Plans Hiring Spree For Spaceship Campus

Apple has revealed plans to hire up to 7,400 new staff as it files documents for its new 'spaceship' campus

8 years ago

iPhone 5 ‘Designed Before Steve Jobs’ Death’

Apple executive says plans for two more smartphones existed before former CEO Steve Jobs died in October 2011

8 years ago

IT Life: Tablets, BlackBerrys and Managed Print Services

What makes Jim Reed happy? Tablets, and a nifty printer services deal that saves Nottingham University a packet

8 years ago

Bill Gates Opens Up About Web Privacy And Tablets

Bill Gates uses a web chat to discuss his relationship with Steve Jobs, the tablet craze, and web privacy

8 years ago

Apple Delays Opening Of Futuristic Cupertino HQ

The arrival of Apple's new futuristic 'doughnut' headquarters in Cupertino is still some years away

8 years ago

Apple Execs Take The Blame For Apple’s Flaws

Two executives are being laid off by Apple. The one common factor is they are taking the blame for Apple's…

8 years ago

Quiz Of The Week: Apple

How much do you know about Apple? We mark the anniversary of Steve Jobs' death with a look at his…

9 years ago

Steve Jobs’ House Robbed, Police Arrest Suspect

A man has been arrested after breaking into the house belonging to the late Steve Jobs

9 years ago

Jobs Helped Design iPhone 5

Steve Jobs played a major part in designing the iPhone 5, with its larger display, according to a Bloomberg report

9 years ago

Tim Cook Beats Steve Jobs In CEO Approval Ratings

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has surpassed his predecessor in a survey of employees' approval of their leaders

9 years ago

Foxconn Criticisms Still Hold – Despite The Lies

Apple critic Mike Daisey made things up, but iPad manufacturer Foxconn still has a case to answer, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

FBI File Paints Steve Jobs As Strong-Willed, ‘Deceptive’

An FBI file on Steve Jobs, compiled in 1991 as part of a background check, depicts the deceased Apple chief…

9 years ago

Jobs Mini Me Doll Sales Stopped By Apple Lawyers

The mini Steve Jobs replica doll has been pulled from the market after Apple lawyers threaten legal action

9 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Gets Top 2011 Salary: $378m`

Apple's Tom Cook took home a giant pay package worth £244 million in 2011

9 years ago

Apple To Sue Over Incredible Likeness Of Steve

Apple claims ownership of the rights to Jobs' likeness and will sue to protect it

9 years ago

Steve Jobs’ Likeness Immortalised In Bronze – In Hungary

Hungarian software firm and Steve Jobs evangelist Graphisoft commemorates the man and his legacy in bronze

9 years ago

Apple Appoints Chairman As Jobs’ Successor

Art Levinson, a long-term Apple board member appointed and Robert Iger, Disney president, joins board

9 years ago

Cook Plus Ive Is Jobs-like Pairing, Says Biographer

Apple CEO Tim Cook and chief designer Jonathan Ive can keep Apple going, says Walter Isaacson

9 years ago

Biography Reveals Jobs’ Hands-On Design Approach

Steve Jobs was intimately involved in Apple's process for coming up with new products, according to a new biography

9 years ago

Jobs Was Wrong To Call Android A ‘Stolen’ Product

Steve Jobs' description of Android as 'stolen' is unfair, but his anger that Google developed its own mobile OS knew…

9 years ago