Steve Jobs

Apple’s Original Computer Sells For $500,000

Hand built in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, a still functioning Apple-1 computer in a wooden case sells…

2 months ago

Tim Cook Now A Billionaire After Apple Share Surge

Welcome to the club. CEO Tim Cook now said to be a billionaire after almost a decade in charge of…

1 year ago

Sir Jony Ive Has Left The Building

Apple removes British chief designer Sir Jony Ive from its leadership web page, suggesting he has now officially left the…

2 years ago

Sir Jony Ive, iPhone Designer, To Leave Apple

The 'spiritual partner' of the late Steve Jobs, British designer of the iPhone Sir Jony Ive is to leave Apple

3 years ago

‘Possible, But Not Probable’: Teenaged Steve Jobs’ CV Set To Fetch £39,000

A handwritten job application filled out by Jobs in his pre-Apple days is rife with errors but shows an early…

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Origins Of The iPhone

The iPhone X celebrates ten years of the iPhone. Here is the story of the phone that changed everything

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: How Well Do You Know Apple?

Are you an Apple fan? Then why not put your knowledge to the test!

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Apple Newton

Yes folks, Apple did make some technology turkeys. The Apple Newton PDA being a case in point

5 years ago

Steve Wozniak Criticises Apple For Becoming A ‘Jewellery’ Producer

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hits out at Watch device, but backs Tim Cook for FBI refusal

6 years ago

Apple And Google Agree ‘No-Poaching’ Staff Deal – Report

Tech workers win settlement from Apple, Google and others over an alleged 'no-poaching' of staff pact

7 years ago

Apple’s Steve Jobs Provides Evidence In iPod Lawsuit

Steve Jobs and his actions are a central element in a lawsuit which alleges Apple 'wiped' rival songs from iPods

7 years ago

Apple Plans Hiring Spree For Spaceship Campus

Apple has revealed plans to hire up to 7,400 new staff as it files documents for its new 'spaceship' campus

9 years ago

iPhone 5 ‘Designed Before Steve Jobs’ Death’

Apple executive says plans for two more smartphones existed before former CEO Steve Jobs died in October 2011

9 years ago

IT Life: Tablets, BlackBerrys and Managed Print Services

What makes Jim Reed happy? Tablets, and a nifty printer services deal that saves Nottingham University a packet

9 years ago

Bill Gates Opens Up About Web Privacy And Tablets

Bill Gates uses a web chat to discuss his relationship with Steve Jobs, the tablet craze, and web privacy

9 years ago

Apple Delays Opening Of Futuristic Cupertino HQ

The arrival of Apple's new futuristic 'doughnut' headquarters in Cupertino is still some years away

9 years ago

Apple Execs Take The Blame For Apple’s Flaws

Two executives are being laid off by Apple. The one common factor is they are taking the blame for Apple's…

9 years ago

Quiz Of The Week: Apple

How much do you know about Apple? We mark the anniversary of Steve Jobs' death with a look at his…

9 years ago

Steve Jobs’ House Robbed, Police Arrest Suspect

A man has been arrested after breaking into the house belonging to the late Steve Jobs

9 years ago

Jobs Helped Design iPhone 5

Steve Jobs played a major part in designing the iPhone 5, with its larger display, according to a Bloomberg report

10 years ago

Tim Cook Beats Steve Jobs In CEO Approval Ratings

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has surpassed his predecessor in a survey of employees' approval of their leaders

10 years ago

Foxconn Criticisms Still Hold – Despite The Lies

Apple critic Mike Daisey made things up, but iPad manufacturer Foxconn still has a case to answer, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

FBI File Paints Steve Jobs As Strong-Willed, ‘Deceptive’

An FBI file on Steve Jobs, compiled in 1991 as part of a background check, depicts the deceased Apple chief…

10 years ago

Jobs Mini Me Doll Sales Stopped By Apple Lawyers

The mini Steve Jobs replica doll has been pulled from the market after Apple lawyers threaten legal action

10 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Gets Top 2011 Salary: $378m`

Apple's Tom Cook took home a giant pay package worth £244 million in 2011

10 years ago

Apple To Sue Over Incredible Likeness Of Steve

Apple claims ownership of the rights to Jobs' likeness and will sue to protect it

10 years ago

Steve Jobs’ Likeness Immortalised In Bronze – In Hungary

Hungarian software firm and Steve Jobs evangelist Graphisoft commemorates the man and his legacy in bronze

10 years ago

Apple Appoints Chairman As Jobs’ Successor

Art Levinson, a long-term Apple board member appointed and Robert Iger, Disney president, joins board

10 years ago

Cook Plus Ive Is Jobs-like Pairing, Says Biographer

Apple CEO Tim Cook and chief designer Jonathan Ive can keep Apple going, says Walter Isaacson

10 years ago

Biography Reveals Jobs’ Hands-On Design Approach

Steve Jobs was intimately involved in Apple's process for coming up with new products, according to a new biography

10 years ago