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LeWeb 2013: UppSite – Make Your Website Mobile, Add Features, Do It Free

UppSite offers a free service that any website to go mobile in just two minutes. It also adds a number of useful mobile-only features, from typeface customisation to additional monetisation options. We chat to the founder and CEO Gall Brill about the techology behind the service and the importance of social sharing.

LeWeb 2013: EasyBring – Crowdsourcing Mail

EasyBring is like an Airbnb for mail. If you’re heading somewhere, advertise that fact on EasyBring and if you’re picked to take a package somewhere, you can earn some money. That relies on a lot of user trust, so can EasyBring really be successful.

LeWeb 2013: MyPermissions – Giving Devs And Users Privacy

As market forces start to make privacy better for end users, as seen in Microsoft’s major marketing push designed to show it is a company people can trust with their data, start-ups are forming to exploit the trend. MyPermissions is one of those. As its name implies, it focuses on application permissions. It wants users to know what apps are using their data, providing updates to let them know what is going on behind the scenes. In a world where people are increasingly critical of Facebook and Google over privacy, MyPermissions could be on to a winner.

LeWeb 2013: MyJobCompany: Money For Job Recommendations

MyJobCompany is a French start-up and has a familiar concept that it is taking into the recruitment sphere. Whilst it looks like a social/business networking service, it also rewards those who help companies find employees. Any user who posts a link on their MyJobCompany account will be financially rewarded if their link is clicked by the applicant who eventually gets the job.

LeWeb 2013: Level39’s Eric van der Kleij: Say No To EU Exit

Head of fintech accelerator Level39, Eric van der Kleij, thinks the UK tech scene will suffer if the country leaves the EU. Companies need talent and much of that comes from migrants, says van der Kleij. But the UK government is getting a referendum ready on leaving the EU, as UKIP places pressure on the Tories to act on the nation’s euroscepticism. As for Level39, van der Kleij thinks it is all kicking off and London’s time has come.