SpaceX Prepares Fourth Starship Test

SpaceX prepares fourth Starship test flight, launches more Starlink satellites, shows EVA suit for commercial space walk

1 month ago

SpaceX Starship Completes Third Test Flight, But Burns Up On Reentry

Elon Musk hails mostly successful test flight, saying Starship will make life 'multiplanetary' and will take humanity to Mars

3 months ago

SpaceX Starship Rocket Explodes After Launch

First launch of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship rocket ends in mid-flight explosion, which it labelled as a “rapid unscheduled disassembly”

1 year ago

SpaceX Postpones Starship Launch, Citing Technical Glitch

SpaceX cancels test-launch of massive Starship vehicle after identifying malfunctioning pressurant valve, may retry this week

1 year ago

SpaceX Prepares To Launch Most Powerful Rocket Ever Made

SpaceX prepares to test-launch Starship rocket with Super Heavy booster, delivering nearly twice the power of NASA's SLS

1 year ago

SpaceX Test Fires Starship ‘Super Heavy’ Booster Rocket

Milestone test of one SpaceX Super Heavy booster rocket completed, ahead of debut orbital launch of Starship

1 year ago

SpaceX May Attempt Starship Launch In March

Elon Musk says first SpaceX Starship orbital launch may take place in March as company seeks critical test of long-range…

1 year ago

SpaceX Starship Booster Rocket Bursts In Flames

Explosion at SpaceX facility in Texas, after booster rocket for Starship spacecraft bursts into flames during test firing

2 years ago

SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch Faces NASA Challenge

NASA reportedly concerned SpaceX Starship explosion at Florida launch pad could damage facility used to carry humans to International Space…

2 years ago

SpaceX’s Elon Musk Warns Of Bankruptcy Risk Over Engine Issue

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk warns of “disaster” concerning production of Starship Raptor engine that puts entire firm at bankruptcy risk

3 years ago

SpaceX Assembles Biggest Rocket Ever Constructed

SpaceX Super Heavy booster and Starship vehicle combine to make tallest rocket ever constructed, as company plans manned voyages to…

3 years ago

SpaceX Starship Successfully Lands Vertically

After a few explosions and failures along the way, the futuristic Starship from SpaceX successfully returns to earth and lands…

3 years ago

SpaceX SN11 Rocket Explodes During Descent

Another bumpy ride for Elon Musk's prototype spacecraft that will eventually be used to ferry mankind to the moon and…

3 years ago

US Congress Probes ‘Risky’ SpaceX Launch

US Congress says it is investigating regulators' handling of SpaceX flight that violated safety rules and other launches that 'raise…

3 years ago

SpaceX Mars Rocket Lands Upright, But Later Explodes

Learning more...another SpaceX rocket bites the dust, after it successfully lands upright but then explodes minutes later on the pad

3 years ago

SpaceX Raises Another $850 Million Funding – Report

Up, up and away. Elon Musk's space firm raises an extra $850 million, but could have had raised billions of…

3 years ago

SpaceX Starship Rocket Explodes On Landing

Valuable lessons. Second malfunction of SpaceX’s prototype Starship rocket, as it attempts to land vertically after successful launch

3 years ago

SpaceX Shows ‘Starship’ Mars Rocket Prototype

Giant stainless-steel space vehicle is set to begin tests in the coming weeks, as SpaceX system for delivering crew to…

5 years ago

SpaceX Starts Construction Of Mars Rocket Prototype

The company also launched its first navigation satellite for the US military, in a win against Boeing and Lockheed-Martin

5 years ago