GoDaddy Warns Customers Of Password Breach

Attackers gained access to customers' websites last October, says hosting giant, but only via SSH, with 'main accounts' not affected

2 years ago

Decades-Old Flaws Leave SCP Clients Vulnerable To Attack

The bugs in Secure Copy Protocol could allow a malicious server to manipulate data on a user's system – and…

3 years ago

The Internet Of Things Is A Security Disaster

The Internet of Things will leave systems wide open, because user companies don't manage their keys for machine-to-machine connections, says…

8 years ago

You Need To Manage Your SSH Keys

Manage your Secure Shell keys or suffer the consequences, says Tatu Ylönen, inventor of SSH

9 years ago

‘Backdoors’ Uncovered In Barracuda Networks Security Gear

Researcher says backdoors remain open in many Barracuda boxes

9 years ago