NSO Group Spyware Used To ‘Hack’ Al Jazeera Journalists

Apple iPhones belonging to 36 Al Jazeera journalists were hacked by NSO spyware, claim Canadian security researchers at Citizen Lab

4 months ago

Facebook Sued By Australia For Onavo Protect Data Gathering

Australia files lawsuit against Facebook over its data collection practices associated with its discontinued Onavo Protect VPN app

4 months ago

NSO Asks US Court To Sanction Facebook Over Lawsuit

NSO alleges Facebook failed to follow 'international law', after the Israeli firm failed to show up in US court to…

1 year ago

Android Surveillance Malware Poses As Privacy Tool

Mobile spyware with 'massive' surveillance capabilities poses as popular anti-censorship tool to gather data on select targets

2 years ago

Sophisticated ‘Slingshot’ Malware Remained Undetected For Years

Kaspersky Lab has uncovered a highly complex - and probably state-backed - malware strain that infects users via compromised routers

3 years ago

Ransomware Remains Weapon Of Choice For Hackers

Spyware to the left, ransomware to the right...new Malwarebytes report paints grim picture of growing cyber threats

3 years ago

Skygofree Android Spyware Threatens Privacy

Kaspersky finds spyware can read WhatsApp messages and take pictures, and it has been around for three years already

3 years ago

Adobe Patches Flash Bug Used To Install Spyware

The zero-day Flash flaw patched by Adobe's emergency fix has been observed attempting to install the notorious FinSpy surveillance tool

3 years ago

Google Spots And Squashes Lipizzan Android Spyware

The spyware appears to be the product of a cyber arms group

4 years ago

NSA Malware ‘Infects Nearly 200,000 Systems’

The NSA's Doublepulsar attack tool infected nearly 80,000 systems over the past weekend alone, according to worldwide scans

4 years ago

Malware Poses As Fake Netflix App To Spy On Users And Steal Data

The malware is able to take screen captures, view contacts and read SMS messages

4 years ago

Apple Patches iPhone Spyware Vulnerabilities With iOS 9.3.5

I spy with my little iPhone! Apple rushes out iPhone patch after discovery of government spying hack

5 years ago

Cisco: 12 Million Computers Infected By Tuto4PC Malware

Cisco security researchers say they have found that Tuto4PC software includes a secret Trojan virus

5 years ago

6 Ways To Stop Cybercriminals Breaking Your Heart

It's time to end your relationships with cybercriminals who lie, cheat and steal. You can do so much better

5 years ago

How To Explain Spyware To A Five-Year-Old

The definitive definition of spyware from the experts for the kids (and grown ups, too)

6 years ago

Amnesty International Launches Anti-Spying Tool To Combat State Snooping

Want to know if a government has been spying on your computer? Amnesty offers a detection tool

6 years ago

FBI Shuts Down “Stalking” App

StealthGenie allowed users to monitor calls and texts and eavesdrop using device microphone

7 years ago

Google Glass Spyware Risk Revealed

The potential of the Google Glass device to be used for snooping has been revealed by researchers with a proof…

7 years ago

UAE Government Accused Of Using Java Flaw To Spy On Activist

UAE authorities are behind the spyware campaign against activists, alleges Bahrain Watch

8 years ago

Report: US Implicated In French Government Spyware Infections

Something resembling the Flame malware appeared on French government systems this year

8 years ago

FTC And Sopa Swing Scythes At Spyware Scammers

Scammers caught out as the FTC, SOCA and private companies work together

9 years ago

Huawei Complains At US ‘Roadblock’ On Trade

US officials are unjustly blocking Huawei's attempts to compete in the United States, a research paper has claimed

9 years ago

Government Spyware Seller Gamma International Hacked

FinSpy seller admits a server containing demo software was compromised

9 years ago

Scammers Sell Fake Smartphone Spying Tool

A new scam claims to sell access to a spying system that lets users monitor other people's smartphones

9 years ago

Low-Level Malware, Not APTs, Worry IT Professionals

Security professionals are more concerned about malware and spyware than “advanced persistent threats”

10 years ago

Dell Warns Of Spyware On PowerEdge Motherboards

Dell has admitted that it has dispatched replacement server motherboards to customers that were infected with malware

11 years ago

Commercial Spyware For iPad To Track Users’ Activity

Retina-X Studios has released Mobile Spy for the Apple iPad, pitching it as a way for businesses to keep an…

11 years ago