CMA Competition Probe Into Music Streaming Market

British competition watchdog announces investigation into music streaming market, and issues recommendations for anti-virus industry

3 months ago

Apple Eases App Store Rules For Spotify, Netflix etc

Fresh concession from Apple for “reader” apps, but Netflix says it doesn't go far enough and Spotify CEO says Apple…

5 months ago

Spotify, Epic Unsatisfied With Apple’s App Store Changes

Rivals criticise terms of Apple's settlement with small developers, with Spotify saying changes don't address 'anticompetitive and unfair practices'

5 months ago

Damaging Week For Apple, Google In Senate Hearings

App makers and others testify against the dominance of Apple and Google in US Senate antitrust hearing on Wednesday

9 months ago

Epic Games Files Apple Antitrust Complaint With EU

Epic Games presses nuclear option and files an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission

11 months ago

Apple Lowers Commission Charges For Small Developers

Sorry Epic Games, not you. Developers who earn less than $1m per year will see Apple commission charges drop from…

1 year ago

Coalition To Challenge Apple App Store Fees

Growing App Store revolt? Epic Games, Spotify, Deezer and other Apple critics create new coalition against App Store fees and…

1 year ago

Apple Responds After Spotify Criticises Apple One

Spotify condemns Apple One as anti-competitive behaviour, but Apple insists its subscription service can save customers money

1 year ago

Spotify Service Suffers Worldwide Outage

Music streaming service Spotify suffers rare worldwide outage, amid reports that an outdated TLS certificate was to blame

1 year ago

App Store Revolt As Epic Games Files Lawsuit Against Apple, Google

Epic Games hits both Apple and Google with a lawsuit, after both firms removed Fortnite from their respective App Stores…

1 year ago

Apple Report Defends 30 Percent App Store Fees

Developers - Apple commissioned report finds that 30 percent commission is about average, as tech giant launches App store fee…

2 years ago

Apple Will Open Up iOS Platform – Spotify CEO

Spotify's strained relationship with Apple did not stop CEO Daniel Ek from speculating on Apple's tight grip on its ecosystem

2 years ago

EU Regulators Plan Apple Probe After Spotify Antitrust Complaint

Spotify accused Apple of misusing its dominant iPhone App Store to charge a 'tax' on rival music services

3 years ago

Apple Pulls Parental Control Apps

Firm denies it was competition move, but insists that security and privacy concerns were main reason

3 years ago

Apple Fires Back At Spotify Antitrust Complaint

Spotify accused of trying to side-step App store rules, as Apple lambasts the service for its complaint

3 years ago

Spotify Hits Apple With Antitrust Complaint

The day the music died? Spotify says Apple is not playing fair with its App Store fees and its own…

3 years ago

Tencent Music Aims To Raise $1.2bn In US Market Debut

The service aims for a valuation of $22bn to $31bn in New York, taking advantage of a temporary trade ceasefire…

3 years ago

Amazon Adds Apple Music To Echo Devices In Time For Christmas Season

Apple's popular music service, said to be neck-in-neck with Spotify in the US, debuts on Amazon's smart speakers in mid-December

3 years ago

Facebook: Attackers Did Not Breach Third-Party Sites

Sites such as Airbnb and Spotify that use Facebook logins are unaffected by last week's massive hack, the company now…

3 years ago

EU Opens In-Depth Probe Into Apple’s Shazam Buy

Competition officials fear Apple could use data from Shazam to place rival streaming services at a 'competitive disadvantage'

4 years ago

Spotify Files To List Shares, Valuing Itself At More Than $23bn

The leading music streaming service admits it has stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google

4 years ago

Spotify Buys French AI Startup To Boost Music Recommendations

Spotify moves to fight off growing competition from the likes of Apple Music, Deezer and Pandora

5 years ago

Best Of Breed Cloud: Why Enterprises Mix Microsoft Azure, AWS And Google Platforms

IN DEPTH: Ocado, Spotify and eve are all using a mix of cloud services - but is it feasible to…

5 years ago

Spotify Wants Google To Improve Cloud Platform After Going All-In On GCP

Spotify decided to go all-in with Google Cloud Platform but it still wants billing improvements and thinks AWS has some…

5 years ago

Twitter, Spotify And Other Major Sites Disrupted By DDoS Attack On Dyn DNS

The attack was made against DNS host provider Dyn, which provides a traffic routing service for the sites.

5 years ago

Spotify: Malware Pop-ups Affected ‘Small Numbers’

Music service fixes the problem that displayed virus laden websites for “small numbers of users”

5 years ago

Spotify Denies Hack After Hundreds Of User Details Appear Online

Names, passwords among leaked details, although Spotify maintains all is fine

6 years ago

Spotify Ends Data Centre Foray With Google Cloud Deal

Spotify signals the end of its own data centre programme with move to the Google Cloud Platform

6 years ago

Has Your Spotify Account Been Hacked?

Spotify denies it has been hacked, but hundreds of user details have been leaked in online data dump

6 years ago

Spotify Uses Listening Algorithms To Recommend Nearby Concerts

New feature alerts listeners to concerts they might like to attend based on music preferences

6 years ago