Japan Sets Data Transfer Speed Record Of 319Tbps

Researchers in Japan have set a stunning data transmission speed record of 319Tbps, over a long distance of 3,001km or…

11 months ago

Website speed test: how to stand out from the crowd?

Running a reliable website speed test on a regular basis is the best way to ensure your website always offers…

2 years ago

Google Maps To Get Speed Camera Alerts

Blow for councils as search engine confirms it is rolling out speed camera warnings to Google Maps

3 years ago

Firefox 59 Speeds Loading Times, Improves Privacy

The new Firefox browser release builds on the speedy Quantum rendering engine that debuted in November - the 'most significant…

4 years ago

UK ‘Not Bad’ At 63rd In World’s Cheapest Broadband League Tables

Meanwhile, Burkina Faso tops the list of the most expensive offerings at nearly $1,000 a month - giving users access…

5 years ago

Qualcomm Claims 5G Milestone With 1Gbps Demo

Who needs fibre? New 5G smartphone chip from Qualcomm delivers 1Gbps data connection

5 years ago

Equinix Execs Preach The Power Of Cloud And ‘Interconnection’

Data centre operator Equinix came to London this week and the power of cloud was very much the message of…

5 years ago

HPE Launches ‘Pointnext’ To Provide Digital Transformation As-A-Service

Organisation will focus on speed and agility in guiding customers through transformation journeys

5 years ago

RSA 2017: Five Reasons Why We’re Losing The Cyber Battle

RSA 2017: Why exactly are the cyber criminals currently coming out on top? Here are five reasons...

5 years ago

10 Apps To Speed Up Your Smartphone

At the mercy of an ailing device? Here's our guide to the apps that'll speed up your smartphone

6 years ago

Brits “Would Choose A House Based On Its Internet Speed”

Forget nice neighbours and good schools, speedy internet is apparently the most important factor when it comes to buying a…

8 years ago

IBM Boffins Tout Multi-Mode Fibre Speed Breakthrough

IBM researchers send 64Gbps down a multi-mode optical fibre cable, so data centre owners have a few more years before…

8 years ago

Google Is Experimenting With TCP To Give A Faster Web Experience

Google is testing ways to cut the latency in TCP connections that Web browsers make to request and retrieve data

10 years ago

Fusion-io Claims Ability To Process World Debt

Fusion-io showed how its solid state drives could handle a world of credit card transactions on a single server

11 years ago

UK Internet Speeds Disappoint As UN Sets Challenge

An Akamai broadband report reveals poor rankings for the UK, as the UN Broadband Commission sets targets

11 years ago

Carry On Lying In Broadband Adverts, ASA Tells ISPs

ISPs can mislead users by advertising broadband speeds that are only available to a few, in new ASA rules

11 years ago

Businesses Set To Ramp Up SSD Usage

More and more businesses are planning to deploy solid state drives (SSDs) a survey has revealed

11 years ago

Ofcom Slams ISPs For Phoney Broadband Claims

Broadband speeds in the UK are improving, but the advertising still misleads consumers, says Ofcom

11 years ago

Low Voltage Flash Memory Will Boost SSD Uptake

Researchers claim to have developed flash memory for gadgets that use low power or have no batteries at all

11 years ago