Investors Sue SolarWinds Directors Over Security Breach

Group of investors sues SolarWinds directors over massive 2020 security breach, as Microsoft warns Russian hackers ramping up attacks on…

3 weeks ago

SolarWinds Hackers Stole US Sanctions Data – Report

SolarWinds hackers linked to Russia's SVR intelligence service sought information on US sanctions policies and American counter-intelligence operations

2 months ago

US Financial Regulator ‘Carrying Out Massive SolarWinds Probe’

Many US companies are reportedly concerned they could be exposed to liability after Securities and Exchange Commission requests breach data

3 months ago

US Adds Russian Cybersecurity Firms To Trade Blacklist

US Commerce Department places Russian IT security companies on trade blacklist over alleged links to spy services amidst series of…

4 months ago

SolarWinds Hackers Steal Microsoft Customer Data

Nation-state backed SolarWinds hackers stole 'basic' data on some Microsoft customers after hacking customer-support system in May

5 months ago

US Proposes $750m For Federal SolarWinds Response

Budget proposed by US president Joe Biden includes $750m for federal agencies affected by SolarWinds attack to improve cybersecurity infrastructure

6 months ago

SolarWinds Hackers Target Government Agencies, NGOs, Microsoft Warns

Russia-based hackers that attacked SolarWinds are targetting government agencies, think tanks and others in fresh campaign, Microsoft warns

6 months ago

Experts Call For Coordinated Response To Cyber-Attacks

International law-enforcement and cyber-security groups call lack of coordination a 'ticking time-bomb' affecting globalised supply chains

6 months ago

Former NCSC Head Dismantles Russia’s SolarWinds Claim

Director of Russia‚Äôs SVR said the West was actually behind SolarWinds hack, but NCSC's former boss Ciaran Martin dismantles that…

6 months ago

US Hits Russia With Fresh Sanctions Over Solarwinds Hack, Expels Diplomats

President Joe Biden signs executive order and imposes more sanctions on Russia over SolarWinds hack, and expels Russian officials

8 months ago

SolarWinds Attackers ‘Accessed Emails’ Of Top US Officials

SolarWinds hackers accessed email accounts of head of Department of Homeland Security and DHS cybersecurity staff, probe finds

8 months ago

Researchers Identify More Malware Used By SolarWinds Hack Group

Microsoft and FireEye identify three custom-made hacking tools deployed onto networks by 'sophisticated' group behind SolarWinds compromise

9 months ago

SolarWinds Executives Defend Conduct Before US Senate

'It was the Russians.' Senior executives from SolarWinds, Microsoft, FireEye and CrowdStrike defend themselves at US Senate

9 months ago

US Administration Renews Cyber-Security Focus

Incoming US administration set to place experienced cyber-security officials in key posts, as country grapples with massive SolarWinds hack

10 months ago

Russia Behind SolarWinds Hack – US Intelligence

Russia was the likely culprit of the damaging SolarWinds supply chain compromise, multiple US intelligence agencies declare

11 months ago

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Viewed Its Source Code

Microsoft says SolarWinds hacking group penetrated its internal systems and viewed source code, but downplays security threat

11 months ago

SolarWinds Compromise May Have Started Earlier Than First Thought

US Senator on Intelligence Committee warns that Russian hack of US government departments may have begun earlier than first thought

11 months ago

SolarWinds Issues Fix After Massive Hacking Campaign

SolarWinds says two security updates protect against 'Sunburst' attacks as well as more recently discovered 'Supernova' malware

11 months ago

SolarWinds: Dozens Of US Treasury Email Accounts Hacked

Scale of SolarWinds compromise continues to be revealed, as US Senator confirms dozens of email accounts at US Treasury were…

11 months ago

NCSC Probes UK Fallout Of Massive Hacking Campaign

UK authorities investigate impact on British public and private-sector organisations from allegedly Russian cyber-espionage attack that went on for months

11 months ago

Microsoft Finds Malicious Code In Its Systems After SolarWinds Compromise

Fallout from the significant SolarWinds attack by suspected Russian hackers continues, with Microsoft admitting it has been impacted

11 months ago