Apple Details Carbon Neutral Progress, Announces Energy Storage Project

New energy storage project for Apple, as it aims to achieve totally carbon neutral supply chain and products by 2030…

1 year ago

MWC 2019: Vodafone Chief Lambasts US Calls To Ban Huawei

Excluding Huawei would set Europe's 5G networks back 'two years', says Nick Read, as US senators call for Chinese firm…

3 years ago

Google Launches Project Sunroof Tool In UK

Teams up with E.ON for tool to work out cost savings for individual roof structures fitted with solar panels

4 years ago

Apple’s Facilities ‘Now Run Entirely On Renewable Energy’

But the move only scratches the surface, argues Greenpeace, since the vast majority of pollution occurs in the manufacturing supply…

4 years ago

Google To Hit 100 Percent Renewable Energy Target In 2017

Solar and wind investment pays off as Google reveals it will reach 100 percent renewable energy target in 2017

5 years ago

Apple Agrees Green Solar Initiatives In China

iPhone maker wants to clean up its supply chain and promises big solar energy projects for renewables push

7 years ago

Tesla Powerwall Battery Launched To Power Homes

Carmaker reveals rechargeable lithium-ion battery unit that stores solar power for homes and businesses

7 years ago

Google Invests Heavily In Solar Panel Fund For Homes

Search engine giant contributes $300m (£195m) to a fund to push solar panels onto residential roofs

7 years ago

Apple Signs £500m Energy Deal With Solar Farm

Apple to cut energy costs at its campus and stores by using renewable power from a new solar farm

7 years ago

Elon Musk Promises Solar Power Cheaper Than Fracked Gas

Elon Musk's SolarCity buys panel maker and promises to slash the cost of solar power

8 years ago

Is Coal Still King Of Data Centre Power?

Do we need coal ti power the Internet? Peter Judge thinks that is old-fashioned thinking

9 years ago

IBM To Develop Solar Collector For Green Energy Push

IBM and others are working on a solar collector that can magnify the power of 2,000 suns for green energy

9 years ago

Vodafone Unfurls Solar Charging Booster Brolly

Booster Brolly will charge your phone and improve your signal at festivals this summer

10 years ago

Apple Makes Its Maiden Data Centre 100 Percent Renewable

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Greenpeace! Apple announces second solar array

10 years ago

eBay Goes Green With Solar Panels For Utah Data Centre

Despite concerns about the suitability of solar panels for data centres, eBay is to harness the power of the sun…

10 years ago

Apple Unveils Details Of Massive Solar Project

Planned solar array in North Carolina will help power a massive data centre that has been criticised for relying on…

10 years ago

Semprius Sets Solar Panel Efficiency Record

Smaller, cheaper and making more electricity - Semprius claims a breakthrough in solar panels

10 years ago

Can Solar Power Be More Than Window Dressing?

Solar power has been only capable of producing a small part of data centre energy needs, but this may change,…

10 years ago

Google Pulls Plug On Renewable Energy Research

Among other cuts, Google has scrapped the RE>C project but has posted its results for others to use

11 years ago

Are Data Centres Going The Wrong Way On Green Power?

Peter Judge asks why data centres are switching to renewable energy, just as the government may be backing away from…

11 years ago

Solar-Powered 3D Printer’s Future Is Built On Sand

The SolarSinter project makes objects from sand and sunlight - and it will be on show in London in September.

11 years ago

Can Energy Scavenging Save The World?

Ambient heat, light, sound and radio can all be harnessed to power devices. It is well worth doing, says Peter…

11 years ago

Project Aims To Use Renewable Energy For DC PODs

AMD and HP are joining a New York agency and university to investigate wind and solar power for data centres

11 years ago

Greenpeace Praises Facebook’s Solar Effort

Facebook gets a cheer for using a bit of solar energy, but Greenpace isn't satisfied yet

11 years ago

Google Invests £100m In Mojave Desert Solar Tower

Google's largest investment in clean energy is £103 million in a desert solar energy plant

11 years ago

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard Shipping In December For £70

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard charges on solar or indoor light and can work in darkness for up to three…

12 years ago