solar power

Vodafone Switches On Self-Powered Mobile Phone Mast

No mains power required? Vodafone mobile phone mast in Wales incorporates wind turbine, solar panels and on-site batteries

3 weeks ago

Amazon Now Largest Corporate Buyer Of Renewable Energy

With nine new wind and solar projects in UK, Europe and North America, Amazon becomes corporate buyer of renewable energy

1 year ago

Tesla Eyes Complete Clean Energy Company With SolarCity Acquisition

Tesla has made a £1.9 billion acquisition bid for SolarCity in a "no brainer" deal to integrate solar power into…

6 years ago

Apple Plans Renewable Energy Sale With New Company

Apple Energy will offload excess renewable energy from solar farms to sell directly to customers

6 years ago

This Rechargable Battery Could Enable Homes To Be Taken Off Power Grid

Eli-Home can help make better use of solar power cells and provide a backup source in the event of outages

6 years ago

Google Makes Massive Renewable Energy Purchase In US, Sweden And Chile

Google says its on track to make 2025 renewable energy targets with 842 MW mega-purchase

7 years ago

Google’s Project Sunroof Uses Maps To Calculate Solar Panel Savings

Google's tool analyses rooftops, then recommends solar panel providers who have paid to feature on Project Sunroof

7 years ago

Cisco To Buy Solar Power for California HQ

Cisco will use renewables for its San Jose headquarters next year after agreeing to buy power from a 20-megawatt solar…

7 years ago

MIT Develops Solar-Powered Sensor To Keep IoT Data Flowing

Researchers invent solar-powered sensors to harness Internet of Things potential

7 years ago

AWS to Build Solar Farm to Help Power Cloud Data Centres

The cloud provider will use the operation as part of a larger push to eventually have its infrastructure powered completely…

7 years ago

Apple Signs £500m Energy Deal With Solar Farm

Apple to cut energy costs at its campus and stores by using renewable power from a new solar farm

7 years ago

IBM Touts Data Centre Carbon Reduction

IBM touts green tech to help it reduce its data centre carbon footprint by 40 percent

8 years ago

Panasonic Kicks Off ‘Sustainable Town’

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town looks to spur on sustainable power generation, emissions reductions, smart metering and other green technologies

8 years ago

London Phoneboxes Go Green To Become Solar-Powered Charging Stations

Free of charge Solarbox facility unveiled on Tottenham Court Road by LSE graduates

8 years ago

What Tech Projects Can Learn From Solar Roadways

You probably can't raise $2 million in crowdsourcing for your Green IT project, says Peter Judge. But you have to…

8 years ago

Google Launches World’s Largest Solar Power Project

Ivanpah solar plant will look to power more than 140,000 California homes

8 years ago

Apple Wants Solar Power For The iWatch – Report

Despite publicised difficulties, Apple wants a smartwatch you don't have to charge, using solar or kinetic energy

8 years ago

Google And Friends Invest £250 Million In Solar Projects

Finance firm KKR and Google buy six solar plants of Sharp's Recurrent division

9 years ago

Safety First At Portugal Telecom’s New €90m Data Centre

Quizzed about PRISM, PT promised data "safety" at Europe's largest data centre

9 years ago

Robotic Solar Charger Follows The Sun

Solar panel moves automatically to catch more rays

9 years ago

Apple Builds Solar Farm For Nevada Data Centre

Built by Apple, solar farm will provide power for other users too

9 years ago

IBM To Develop Solar Collector For Green Energy Push

IBM and others are working on a solar collector that can magnify the power of 2,000 suns for green energy

9 years ago

eBay Goes Green With Solar Panels For Utah Data Centre

Despite concerns about the suitability of solar panels for data centres, eBay is to harness the power of the sun…

10 years ago

IBM Creates Solar Array For Data Centres

IBM has said its new solar array is the first to be designed especially for powering IT systems

11 years ago

Google Invests £50m For Home Solar Energy

Google has made another investment in renewable energy with funding to install solar panels in US homes

11 years ago

Google Throws Extra £64m Into Wind Energy Project

Google's renewable energy commitment continues after it added more money for a wind project

11 years ago

Google Continues Green Push With £171m Solar Fund

Google has set aside a £171m fund for a solar panel provider in yet another green investment

11 years ago

Google Invests £100m In Mojave Desert Solar Tower

Google's largest investment in clean energy is £103 million in a desert solar energy plant

11 years ago

Google Invests In German Solar Power Plant

Google is investing millions in a solar plant in Germany that will provide power to 5,000 homes

11 years ago

Why Does Your Data Centre Depend On Diesel?

Data centres could benefit in many ways from renewable power, but governments could kill that off, warns Peter Judge

11 years ago