Solar energy

Tesla Powerwall Battery Production Slows Due To Chip Shortage

Elon Musk admits in court that Tesla cannot produce enough Powerwall batteries because of the ongoing global chip shortage

12 months ago

Apple Agrees Green Solar Initiatives In China

iPhone maker wants to clean up its supply chain and promises big solar energy projects for renewables push

7 years ago

Google Invests Heavily In Solar Panel Fund For Homes

Search engine giant contributes $300m (£195m) to a fund to push solar panels onto residential roofs

7 years ago

Apple Signs £500m Energy Deal With Solar Farm

Apple to cut energy costs at its campus and stores by using renewable power from a new solar farm

7 years ago

Google Invests £89.2m In Californian 82MW Solar Power Plant

Google makes 17th major investment in renewables since 2010

8 years ago

IBM To Develop Solar Collector For Green Energy Push

IBM and others are working on a solar collector that can magnify the power of 2,000 suns for green energy

9 years ago

Nokia Solar Energy Test Produces Disappointing Results

Nokia admits that solar panel ona phone's phone back cover need a lot of sun to power a phone

11 years ago