Microsoft Looks Beyond Password Protection For Accounts

Future is 'passwordless' says Microsoft, as it gives users option to delete account passwords and login via authenticator app

3 months ago

Skype To Lose SMS Connect Feature In August

Ability of Android users to receive and respond to SMS messages in Skype to be phased out next month

2 years ago

Google’s Android Messages Comes To The Desktop

A new web-based messaging system lets users keep up with SMS conversations through any browser

3 years ago

Google Launches ‘Chat’ App To Rival iMessage

Search engine looks to resolve messaging element for Android with the launch of its 'Chat' app

4 years ago

Ofcom: Mobile Users Will Be Able To Switch With A Single SMS

A major regulatory reform will allow users to switch to a new provider via text message, eliminating the need to…

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The SMS Text Message At 25

The text (or SMS) message was once more widely used than mobile phone calls, but its use in recent years…

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: The Week In Review (19 May)

Have you been paying attention to this week's IT and tech news? Then try our quiz!

5 years ago

Tech Quiz: Mobile Messaging – From SMS To WhatsApp

What do you know about the history of mobile messaging? Find out with our quiz!

5 years ago

Android Scam Call And SMS Security Is Undone By HTML Exploiting Malware

Android's built-in protection which flags warnings about apps trying to send premium rate messages without user consent can be manipulated…

5 years ago

Facebook Messenger To Get SMS, Multiple Account Support

Facebook Messenger gets more features as social network seeks to strengthen itself as smartphone communications essential

6 years ago

Lookout Points To Ransomware Threat As UK Mobile Malware Declines

New report highlights growing awareness of cyber and mobile security, as tactics and threats change

7 years ago

Apple Patent Could Disable Texting While Driving

Apple wants to make driving safer by removing the temptation to text while at the wheel

8 years ago

Mobile Users Coming Under Increasing Threat From China Cybercriminals

Trend Micro report reveals wide variety of tactics being developed and used by cybercriminals in China

8 years ago

Number Of UK Text Messages Sent Falls For First Time

Online IM services such as WhatsApp increasingly replacing traditional SMS

8 years ago

CyanogenMod’s 10m Users Get Encrypted Text

Moxie Marlinspike's Whisper Systems brings user-friendly, end-to-end text encryption to the open source mobile OS

8 years ago

Mobile Instant Messaging Traffic Overtakes SMS Texting

Apps such as WhatsApp are more popular than SMS, threatening operator revenues

9 years ago

SMS Text Messaging Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

It's been 20 years since SMS changed the way we communicate, but are there signs of decline?

9 years ago

Millions Have Downloaded SMS Spoofing Android Apps

SMS spoofing becomes real fear for the security concious

9 years ago

Hurricane Sandy Damages Quarter Of Mobile Phone Towers

Officials have urged citizens to only use texts and tweets after Hurricane Sandy knocks out 25 percent of mobile phone…

9 years ago

Al-Jazeera SMS Service Hacked By Pro-Syrian Group

Pro-Syrian hackers out in force again

9 years ago

Android Malware Pusher Told To Cough Up £50,000

Android malware dealer could be forced to shell out over £150,000

9 years ago

Researcher Uncovers ‘Severe’ iOS Security Flaw

Fake SMS message headers could snare users

9 years ago

Malicious SMS Messages, Facebook Chats Hit Windows Phone

When setting up a Windows Phone, a hacker discovered a specially crafted disabling text message

10 years ago

Beware Of Rogue Apps, Warns Safety Campaign

Malware infested apps can send hundreds of premium texts, warns Get Safe Online

10 years ago

FCC Announces Plan For Video And SMS 911

People in America may in future be able to summon the emergency services via video or text

10 years ago

Android Trojans Target Prime-Rate SMS

Two newly discovered Android Trojans steal from users by sending messages to prime-rate numbers

10 years ago

T-Mobile And Orange Play Down Charity Charge Jibes

Everything Everywhere drops charges for texted charity donations but claims it did not usually collect anyway

11 years ago

Bank SMS Passcodes Intercepted By Zeus Variant

The Mitmo Zeus Trojan has infected phones to intercept login SMS credentials and access bank accounts

11 years ago

MWC: No Photos On Gemalto Facebook SIM App – First Look

Gemalto's SIM-based Facebook SMS app is for developing countries - but also flew in the busy MWC airwaves

11 years ago

MWC: Gemalto Puts Facebook On SIM Card

A new SIM-based application will allow basic handsets to access Facebook without the need for a data connection

11 years ago