Australia Wants Search Engine Choice Screen On Smartphones

Search engine move plotted down under. Australian watchdog plans to make Google offer smartphone users an alternative search engine

1 month ago

Google Pixel 6 Launches At Compelling Price Point

Two new Android flagship phones from Google continues the aggressive pushback against more expensive smartphone alternatives

1 month ago

Nokia Tablet Unveiled By HMD Global

Possible challenger to Apple iPad? New Android-based tablet device unveiled, namely the £199.99 Nokia T20 tablet from HMD Global

2 months ago

FCC Opens $2bn Fund For Rural Carriers Replacing Huawei Kit

US communications regulator, the FCC, readies compensation fund for rural US telecom carriers removing Huawei and ZTE kit

2 months ago

Apple iPhone 13 Launch: iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max

Part 2: The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are Apple's premium handsets, geared towards the high-end customer…

3 months ago

Huawei Will Return To Smartphone ‘Throne’, Despite US Sanctions

Huawei chairman makes a bold prediction that Chinese firm will return to a leading position in the smartphone market in…

4 months ago

Google Develops Own Processor For Pixel Smartphones

Sorry Qualcomm. Pixel 6 smartphones arriving later this year will feature in-house Tensor processors designed by Google itself

4 months ago

WhatsApp Tests Message Sending Without Smartphone

Look mum, no smartphone. For the first time WhatsApp to test a feature to allow users to send messages without…

5 months ago

LG Makes Its Last Ever Smartphone

That's all folks. LG this week reportedly ceases manufacturing smartphone handsets, with the last phone made on Monday 31 May

6 months ago

Huawei To Launch Harmony 2.0 Operating System Next Week

Huawei's Android replacement operating system for mobile handsets and devices, Harmony OS 2.0, will be officially launched next week

6 months ago

US Removes Xiaomi From DoD Blacklist

Shares in Xiaomi rally after US DoD removes Trump's blacklisting of Chinese smartphone maker over alleged ties to the Chinese…

7 months ago

HMD Revamps Budget, Midrange Nokia Handsets

Six new Nokia handsets from HMD, ranging from budget to midrange handsets with prices starting as low as 75 euros…

8 months ago

LG Likely To Exit Smartphone Market – Report

Decision reportedly already made by LG management to stop selling smartphones, and pull out of mobile communication sector altogether

8 months ago

Consumer Group Which? Targets Qualcomm In Legal Action

Legal action against Qualcomm could result in 29 million UK 4G smartphone owners being entitled to possible £30 compensation

9 months ago

Self-Healing Mobile Phone Screens Invented By Scientists

No more cracked mobile phone screens? Scientists claim they have invented a smartphone screen that can self repair and heal…

11 months ago

Huawei Sells Honor Smartphone Unit To Chinese Consortium

Chinese networking giant Huawei sells budget-focused Honor smartphone division to consortium of agents and dealers to keep brand alive

1 year ago

Huawei To Offload Honor Smartphone Division – Report

Budget smartphones. Networking giant Huawei is reportedly close to selling its Honor smartphone unit to a number of Chinese buyers

1 year ago

Mobile Operators Banned From Selling Locked Phones

Ofcom confirms mobile operators in the UK from December will be banned from selling mobile phones locked to their particular…

1 year ago

UK Drivers To Be Banned From Picking Up Smartphones

New legislation in 2021 will ban drivers from even picking up mobile phones while driving motoro vehicles on British roads

1 year ago

Apple Goes Premium With iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max

Premium models with premium prices. Apple's top end smartphone line up includes iPhone 12 Pro and the slightly larger Pro…

1 year ago

Google’s Pixel 5 Targets Coronavirus Impacted Economies

Flagship Pixel smartphone designed for the economic downturn being experienced around the world because of Covid-19 pandemic

1 year ago

BlackBerry Phones Live Again, As Texas Startup Promises 5G Device

BlackBerry back from the dead. New BlackBerry phone is promised for 2021, boasting 5G connectivity and a physical keyboard

1 year ago

Google Finally Addresses Pixel 4 Face Unlock Flaw

Five months later. Google updates Pixel software to address problem with flagship Pixel 4 that can be unlocked if a…

2 years ago

Russia To Delay Electronic Sales Ban

Delay to implementation of law banning sales of electronic devices in Russia unless they come pre-loaded with Russian-made software

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Huawei Launches Flagship P40 Smartphone During Pandemic

Photography-focused P40 smartphone range launched by Chinese tech giant, as it contends with US restrictions, and potentially a chip ban

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Smartphone Sales Collapse Globally

Global shipments of smartphones experience biggest ever fall in sales in February, as the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic bites

2 years ago

The Tap Economy Part 2: Screen Ecosystems

As mobile commerce grows and expands, how should businesses change and adapt to benefit themselves and their customers? Understanding the…

2 years ago

Samsung Unveils Foldable Z Flip, And 5G Flagship Galaxy S20

Second attempt at folding phone arrives, dubbed the Z Flip, coupled with Samsung's new flagship device namely the Galaxy S20

2 years ago

Russia Bans Electronic Sales Unless Russian Software Is Pre-installed

Electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and smart televisions must come pre-loaded with Russian-made software

2 years ago

Google Touts Radar Control With New Pixel 4

Launch of next generation flagship smartphone to challenge the iPhone comes with radar chip for gesture control

2 years ago