smart speakers

How Voice Control is Coming to Your Enterprise

As smart speakers continue to expand in the home, using voice to control a range of devices is now familiar.…

7 months ago

Your Post Tap Business: The Future Is Voice

Learn how voice is about to become an essential component of your business. Discover why your business must use voice…

9 months ago

Sonos Angers Owners Again With Update Cancellation

Speaker maker Sonos angers its customer base yet again, by confirming it will halt software updates for older equipment from…

1 year ago

Alexa Patent To Listen To All Words Spoken

Privacy threat? New Amazon patent means Alexa could always listen and record every word spoken to it

2 years ago

Hampshire County Council Trials Amazon’s Alexa For Social Care

The council says smart speakers such as Amazon's Echo can improve clients' quality of life and cut councils' costs

3 years ago