smart glasses

Google Closes Down North Smart Glasses

Weeks after Google purchased Canadian smart glass provider North, customers are warned their devices will stop working this week

1 week ago

Google Buys North Smart Glasses, Closes Down Product

Canadian smart glasses maker North acquired by Google, which then immediately kills the next version of its wearable device

1 month ago

Apple AR Glasses Set For 2023 Debut – Report

Rumour mill. Apple's augmented reality venture will reportedly deliver its long-rumoured AR glasses released sometime in 2023

9 months ago

MWC 2016: Epson Shows Off Super-Light Smart Glasses

Moverio BT-300 will benefit anyone from museums to heavy industry, Epson claims

4 years ago

Google Glass Faces Uncertain Future As Beta Is Halted

Google calls time on its beta test of Google Glass, but claims it is not abandoning the wearable device

6 years ago

Sony Kit Looks To Turn Any Glasses Into Google Glass

Detachable module can turn any eyewear, including sunglasses or goggles, into smart glasses

6 years ago

Google Glass 2 ‘To Be Intel-Powered’

Smart glasses successor to feature Intel processor in a bid to become workplace-friendly

6 years ago

Smart Glasses “To Stay Niche Until 2018”

Don’t bet on Google Glass to kickstart adoption of smart glasses, Juniper Research warns

6 years ago

Fujitsu To Merge Smartphone And Wearable Technology Businesses

Japanese manufacturer is looking to consolidate its business arms to better refocus its strategy

7 years ago

Survey: Public Sceptical Of Wearable Tech

In a Harris survey, Americans were split on whether wearable technology could be stylish, and showed little interest in head-mounted…

7 years ago