Apple Teases New Devices With ‘Spring Loaded’ Event

New devices to be revealed next week may include new iPads, AirTags, or even augmented reality glasses, after Apple announces…

4 weeks ago

Apple’s Siri No Longer Uses Female Voice By Default

Apple ends default choice of female voice for Siri, as Microsoft pulls plug on Cortana for Android and iOS

1 month ago

Microsoft Kills Cortana iOS, Android App

Protracted death of digital assistant continues, as Redmond officially pulls support for the Cortana apps on the Android and iOS…

1 month ago

Apple iPhone 12 Arrives With 5G

With cut out for front camera remaining, the new iPhone 12 finally offer 5G connectivity, but will limited networks convince…

7 months ago

Apple iOS 14 ‘Reimagines’ iPhone Experience, But Developers Unhappy

Major update to iPhone user experience begins rolling out to customers on Wednesday, but developers unhappy at short notice

8 months ago

Your Post Tap Business: The Future Is Voice

Learn how voice is about to become an essential component of your business. Discover why your business must use voice…

9 months ago

Apple Hit With $1.4bn Lawsuit From Chinese AI Firm

Long running dispute. Xiao-i alleges in a Chinese court that Apple's voice-recognition tech in Siri infringes on its artificial intelligence…

9 months ago

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Unlocked Via Laser

“Alexa, unlock the front door!” Researchers warn they can remotely control digital assistants and smart speakers

2 years ago

Google Changes Terms For Virtual Assistant Transcripts

Company to require users to reconfirm if they want to allow humans to listen to Assistant recordings, following privacy row

2 years ago

Apple Apologizes For Listening To Siri Recordings

My bad. Formal apology from Apple and pledge to make Siri recordings optional going forward

2 years ago

Microsoft Puts Amazon’s Alexa On Windows 10 Lock Screen

Feature arrives in a test Windows 10 build aimed for final release later this year, along with enterprise and security…

2 years ago

Digital Assistants Enforce Gender Bias – UN report

Report claims female-voiced Siri and Alexa entrench gender biases with submissive responses

2 years ago

Apple, Salesforce Team On Mobile Business Apps

Dreamforce 2018: The companies are to jointly redesign Salesforce's mobile app and provide business developer tools for apps running on…

3 years ago

Apple HomePod Is Delayed Until 2018

Apple needs more time to make sure the HomePod is ready to bring Siri to the living room

3 years ago

DolphinAttack Exposes Speech Recognition Software Vulnerability

Siri, Alexa and Google Now can be used to hack and control smart devices, including connected cars.

4 years ago

Federighi Assignment Shows Apple Knows It Must Modernize Siri Soon

ANALYSIS: Craig Federighi, Apple's head of software engineering has taken over development of the Siri with plans to improve integration…

4 years ago

Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta For Public Access

Smarter Siri, tweaked apps and a VR development kit come with the latest version of iOS

4 years ago

Apple HomePod Brings Siri Into The Smart Home To Take on Google Home And Amazon Echo

The HomePod features a speaker array and Apple's A8 mobile chip for aural and compute power

4 years ago

Apple Buys ‘Dark Data’ Firm ‘For AI Training’

Lattice's technology finds patterns in large amounts of unstructured data and could be used to train AI personal assistants

4 years ago

Siri Speaker Expected From Apple At WWDC 2017

The speaker will look to take on Google Home and the Amazon Echo

4 years ago

Apple Releases iOS 10.3 and WatchOS Updates

iOS 10.3 includes deeper Siri integration while WatchOS 3.2 introduces Theatre Mode

4 years ago

Samsung’s Siri AI Rival Bixby Will Debut With The Galaxy S8

Samsung has officially unveiled Bixby, its own virtual assistant to take on Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant.

4 years ago

Huawei Mate 9 Is First Smartphone To Host Amazon’s Alexa AI

CES 2017: Amazon looks to expand the reach of its smart virtual assistant

4 years ago

Microsoft Brings Cortana For iOS And Android To The UK

On the enterprise side, HPE also debuts its latest machine learning tech

4 years ago

Apple Letter Confirms Company Is Working On Driverless Car Tech

The Cupertino company looks to be accelerating its autonomous tech plans

4 years ago

Apple And PayPal Enable Payments Through Siri Voice Commands

The integration of Siri and the PayPal iOS app indicates Apple’s desire to broaden the scope of its virtual assistant

5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Set To Get An AI Virtual Assistant

Samsung is planning to launch a virtual assistant to rival the likes of Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana in is…

5 years ago

Google’s AI Neural Networks Learn To Create Their Own Encryption

Two neural nets were created to communicate securely while a third tried to crack their inhuman cipher messages

5 years ago