Sir Tim Berners Lee

Tim Berners-Lee’s NFT Source Code Sells For $5.4m

Auction of an NFT of Tim Berners-Lee's original source code for the World Wide Web sells for $5.4 million at…

12 months ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee To Auction Web Source Code As NFT

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is to auction off the original source code for World Wide Web as a NFT later this…

1 year ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Warns Too Many Young People Lack Web Access

On the 32nd birthday of the World Wide Web, inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for all young people around the…

1 year ago

World Wide Web Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Back in 1989 a British scientist at a physics laboratory near Geneva invents the world wide web

3 years ago

Tech Industry Pays Tribute To Stephen Hawking

Rest in peace. The world has lost one of its finest minds with the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking

4 years ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Slams Tech Giants On Web’s 29th Birthday

The British web inventor has called for affordable internet access, while questioning the online control exercised by big tech players

4 years ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Slams UK, US ‘Assault’ On Web Privacy

British web inventor pledges to combat efforts by the UK and US to weaken encryption and online privacy

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: 25 Years Of The World Wide Web

Dialup doldrums...the public was given access to the Internet on 23 August 1991 thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee's invention

6 years ago

How To Survive The End Of The World Wide Web

Companies must place user experience at the heart of digital innovation as the traditional web model dies, says Richard Knights,…

6 years ago

Tim Berners-Lee: I Knew The Web Would Be Big

However, the inventor of the World Wide Web never thought his creation would facilitate the exchange of so many cat…

8 years ago

Edward Snowden Welcomes Debate On Surveillance, Warns The Fight Is Not Over

We need to encrypt everything, the whistleblower tells South by Southwest festival, over a live link from Moscow

8 years ago

Open Data Institute Signs Up Five More International Partners

Osaka, Seoul, Sheffield, Philadelphia and Hawaii join the global movement to make better use of public sector data

8 years ago

CERN Recreates First Ever Web Page

A CERN project has recreated the first ever Web page in an effort to preserve history about the web's early…

9 years ago

Internet Celebrates TCP/IP Birthday

Many happy re-transmits, to TCP/IP!

9 years ago

Open Data Institute Officially Opens In Tech City

ODI, backed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, says that the UK is leading the world in open data

10 years ago

Sweden Tops World Wide Web Index, UK Comes Third

Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for reduced cost and better access

10 years ago

Government Opens Door To Open Data Institute

The government has revealed plans for a Open Data Institute (ODI) to be based at Silicon Roundabout

10 years ago

SOPA Is Back, And Sir Tim Berners-Lee Is Out To Stop It

As the Stop Online Piracy Act comes back on Congress's schedule, the father of the Web speaks out against it

10 years ago

Osborne Plans Open Data and Connected Cities

George Osborne's Autumn statement launched an open data project, and promised connected cities

11 years ago

Twitter Finally Buys TweetDeck For £25M

Twitter has snapped up TweetDeck amid criticism of the microblogging site from Sir Tim Berners-Lee

11 years ago

Government Tech Chiefs’ Six-Figure Salaries Exposed

The publication is part of moves which see Tim Berners-Lee and other tech experts appointed to a Transparency Board

12 years ago